Motor Guard Air Preparation System

How Can The Motor Guard Air Preparation System Help With My Body Shop’s Air Filtration? – Motor Guard

About Motor Guard Air Preparation Systems:

Motor Guard offers innovative and time-saving Air Preparation Systems that provide unique solutions to refinishing challenges. Some of the company’s applications range from air preparation tools such as air compressors, filters, and control units. Motor Guard has been providing compressed air filtration for over 32 years. This led Motor Guard to create a modular filtration system designed to integrate with components you may already have in your shop. In many instances, you may already have a quality regulator or water trap. These components may be used along with the Motor Guard Compressed Air Conditioning Modules to build one of many custom systems to fit any application in your shop. Don’t waste money buying pre-built systems that contain parts you already own.

How Can This Air Preparation System Product Provide Premium Paint Preparation?

This Motor Guard Air Preparation System removes moisture from compressed air. Moisture in compressed air can lead to corrosion, contamination of paint and coatings, and reduced equipment efficiency. Therefore, desiccant dryers ensure clean, dry air in automotive painting, sandblasting, and other applications. These desiccant dryers are commonly used in automotive refinishing shops, body shops, and industrial settings where clean, dry air is essential for painting, sanding, and operating pneumatic tools.

Motor Guard: High Tech Compressed Air Desiccant Dryer Specifications:

This product is a high-volume water trap combined with a particulate and oil filter with the company’s hydrophilic depth cartridge that filters to a 0.01-micron rating. The cartridge was developed to trap oil, water, and particulates between the tightly wound sheets of high-efficiency media. A drop-in replacement cartridge (No. M-700) and spin-off T-handle provide for a rapid cartridge change.

Features and Benefits:

  • Centrifugal Water Separator Traps Condensed Moisture
  • Hydrophilic Depth Cartridge Traps Particulates, Water and Oil Aerosols
  • Port Size: 1/2 NPT Nominal Airflow: 100 CFM Water Trap Bowl Capacity: 16 fl. oz. Nominal Filtration Rating: .01 Micron Outlet Pressure Range: 0-125 PSI Maximum Pressure: 125 PSI Temperature Range: 32-120F
  • Quick and Clean Cartridge Change
  • Made in USA


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