Ben-Ami Autocare Tapes
Ben-Ami Autocare offers a comprehensive range of high-quality tapes designed to meet the diverse needs of automotive professionals and enthusiasts. Our selection includes masking tape, double-sided tape, high-tempature, and general-purpose tape. Each type of tape is tailored for specific applications to ensure optimal performance and reliability.
Available Products 
General Purpose 

Description: A versatile masking tape suitable for a wide range of automotive painting tasks.

Excellent adhesion to various surfaces including metal, glass, and plastic.
Clean removal without leaving residue or damaging surfaces.
Resistant to paint bleed-through for sharp, clean lines.
Flexible and conformable, allowing easy application around curves and contours.

Usage: Ideal for general masking purposes in automotive painting, detailing, and refinishing projects.


Description: A specialized masking tape designed to withstand high temperatures during baking cycles.

Heat-resistant up to 300°F (149°C), making it suitable for use in paint booths and baking ovens.
Strong adhesion that holds up under high temperatures without lifting or curling.
Clean, residue-free removal after exposure to heat.
Durable and reliable, ensuring consistent performance during high-temperature applications.

Usage: Perfect for automotive painting processes that involve heat curing or baking, providing reliable masking in challenging conditions. 

Fine Line 

Description: A precision masking tape for creating intricate designs and sharp paint lines.

Ultra-thin and flexible, allowing for precise masking of complex shapes and fine details.
Excellent adhesion to various substrates, ensuring clean lines and preventing paint bleed.
Easy to handle and apply, conforming to curves and edges with ease.
Clean removal without tearing or leaving adhesive residue.

Usage: Ideal for custom paint jobs, pinstriping, and detailed automotive designs requiring precision and accuracy.

Masking Tape

Description: Provides reliable adhesion, clean removal, and precise application, making it a must-have in any garage or workshop.
 Ensures the tape stays securely in place on a variety of surfaces, including metal, glass, plastic, and rubber.
Leaves no residue behind, preventing any damage or additional clean-up after the job is done.
Designed for crisp, clean lines to ensure professional-grade results in painting and detailing tasks.
Capable of withstanding high temperatures, making it suitable for use in automotive painting processes.
Resistant to tearing and provides consistent performance even in demanding environments.
Ideal for automotive painting, detailing, trim protection, and other maintenance tasks.

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