Vibac 313 Masking Tape


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This automotive masking tape is specifically designed for high-temperature bake cycles. It is temperature resistant up to 230°F for 60 minutes and is UV resistant for up to 10 days. This easy-tear, waterproof tape possesses quick stick properties; it instantly sticks to a wide range of irregularly shaped surfaces and leaves no adhesive residue upon removal. With excellent solvent and thinner resistance, this tape is an ideal choice for professional body shops.

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Vibac 313 Masking Tape 

  • 5.7 mils natural rubber-based superior automotive masking tape for applications in the automotive industry.

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Vibac: 313 Yellow Masking Tape (3/4″), Vibac: 313 Yellow Masking Tape (1.5"), Vibac: 313 Yellow Masking Tape (2")


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