Ben-Ami Autocare Adhesives and Sealants

Ben-Ami Autocare provides a diverse selection of adhesives and sealants tailored for automotive applications. These products are engineered for high performance, ensuring strong bonding and sealing capabilities to meet the rigorous demands of automotive repairs and maintenance.

Product Lineup

High-Strength Epoxy Adhesive

  • Description: A two-part epoxy adhesive designed for high-strength bonding of various automotive materials, including metal, plastic, and composites. It provides excellent resistance to impact and environmental conditions.
  • Features: High tensile strength, chemical resistance, quick curing time.
  • Applications: Structural repairs, bonding metal panels, plastic parts, and composite materials.

Urethane Adhesive Sealant

    • Description: A one-part urethane adhesive sealant that provides strong, flexible bonds. It is particularly effective for bonding and sealing materials exposed to vibration and dynamic stresses.
    • Features: Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, flexible, paintable.
    • Applications: Bonding and sealing windshields, body panels, and automotive interiors.

Ben-Ami Autocare’s adhesives and sealants are designed to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability, ensuring that automotive repairs and maintenance are carried out with confidence and precision.

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