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IES International is a company that specializes in epoxy and sealant products. They provide a range of epoxy coatings, sealers, and related products for various industrial and commercial applications. Epoxy coatings are commonly used to protect and enhance the durability of surfaces such as concrete floors, countertops, and industrial equipment. Sealers, on the other hand, are used to seal and protect surfaces from moisture, chemicals, and other environmental factors.

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IES Bonding Solutions

IES Bonding Solutions provides cutting-edge adhesive products engineered for maximum performance and reliability. Their advanced formulations deliver strong, durable bonds suitable for a wide range of applications, from industrial manufacturing to every day repairs. IES Bonding Solutions are designed to adhere to various materials, including metal, plastic, wood, and composites. With easy application and fast curing times, our adhesives offer convenience without compromising strength. Trust IES Bonding Solutions for innovative, efficient, and robust bonding solutions that meet the highest industry standards.

Sealers: IES Sealers are substances used to close or block the passage of liquids, gases, or other materials through a surface or joint. They are often applied to surfaces to prevent moisture infiltration, protect against corrosion, or enhance the durability of the material. Sealers can be used in construction, automotive, and other industries.

Adhesives: IES Adhesives are substances used to bond two or more materials together by forming a strong connection. They are used in a wide range of applications, from bonding automotive parts to assembling electronics and furniture. Depending on the specific requirements, adhesives can have different properties, such as high strength, flexibility, or resistance to extreme temperatures.

Bonders: IES Bonders are specifically designed to create strong bonds between materials. While this may overlap with adhesives, bonders may be formulated for specific purposes, such as bonding plastics, metals, or composites. They are often used in manufacturing and repair processes.

Undercoating: IES Undercoating products are used in the automotive industry to protect the undercarriage and chassis of vehicles from corrosion, rust, and damage caused by road debris, salt, and other environmental factors. Undercoating helps extend the lifespan of vehicles by providing a protective barrier.

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IES: Inter-Mix 40 Second Flexable/Semi-Flexable Adhesive Filler Surfacer Epoxy Kit (10 OZ/300 ML), IES: Inter-Mix 90 Hybrid Panel Bonder – 2:1 Ratio (6.76 OZ/200 ML), IES: Inter-Mix 90 Hybrid Panel Bonding Adhesive 2:1 Ratio (225 ML), IES: Inter-Mix 10 (Gray) Bare Metal – Thick Set Sealer (200 ML), IES: Inter-Mix 30 Second – Self Leveling Seam Sealer (200 ML), IES: Inter-Mix 5 Second Non-Sag Seam Sealer – Limited Flow (6.76 OZ/200 ML), IES: Inter-Mix 15 Second (Gray) Flexable Sealer (200 ML), IES: Inter-Mix 45 Second – Door Skin Adhesive (6.76 OZ/200 ML), IES: Inter-Mix 5 High Stress Epoxy (6.76 OZ/200 ML), IES: Inter-Mix 5 High Stress Epoxy (300 ML), IES: Inter-Mix 5 Epoxy/Flex (6.76 OZ/200 ML), IES: Quickie-Fix 40 Second Repair Plastic & Metal Adhesive (50 ML), IES: Quickie-Fix 1.5 Plastic Bonding Adhesive Tube (6.76 OZ/200 ML), IES: Inter-Foam 5 Flexable Urethane Foam (10 OZ/300 ML), IES: Inter-Foam 5 Flexable Urethane Foam (6.76 OZ/ 200 ML), IES: Inter-Foam 10 Second – Rigid Foam (6.76 OZ/200 ML), IES: Intergra-Gray Polymetric ADH/Sealer (10.1 OZ), IES: Spray Adhesive (20 OZ Aerosol), IES: Super Spray Trim Adhesive (20 OZ), IES: STP-Polymetric Sprayable Seam Sealer – Black (298 ML), IES: STP-Polymetric Sprayable Seam Sealer – Tan (298 ML), IES: STP-Polymetric Sprayable Seam Sealer – Gray (298 ML), IES: Premium Fast Dry Rubberized Undercoating (24 OZ Aerosol), IES: Firm & Flex White Seam Sealer Caulk Tubes (10.5 OZ), IES: Heavy Base Seam Sealer (10.5 OZ), IES: Specialty Adhesive Remover (32 OZ), IES: Moulding Tape Primer (4 OZ), IES: Premium Fast Dry Rubberized Undercoating (24 OZ Aerosol), IES: Bead-It Sound Deadener Thick Seam Sealer (10 OZ/300 ML), IES: Large & Small Bead Spreader Nozzle Kit (Orange), IES: Rust Raider W/Sprayer (1 QT), IES: Inter-Tex Chip Guard- White (16.25 OZ Aerosol), IES: Inter-Tex Chip Guard – Black (16.25 OZ Aerosol), IES: Brushable Seam Sealer (1 QT), IES: Inter-Mix 20 MMA Panel Bonding Adhesive (200 ML), IES: Quick Cure Primerless To Auto Glass Urethane Adhesive By Dow, IES: Clear Pen-Lube (20 OZ Aerosol), IES: Betaseal Windshield Adhesive, IES: All-In-One Self Etching Primer – Green (20 OZ Aerosol), IES: Ultra-Fine Texture Coating – Black (16.25 OZ Aerosol), IES: Integra-Gray Polymeric ADH/Sealer (10.1 OZ), IES: Boron- Buster Cutting Tool Lubricant (30 Gram Tin)


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