Nova Urethane Reducers


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Nova Urethane Reducer is a high-quality product that can be applied to urethane-based paints. This product is compatible with a range of topcoats, clearcoats, and primer surfacers. A urethane reducer allows the customer to adjust the consistency of the paint in order to make it easier to spray on car surfaces. This product is useful for car professionals and enthusiasts.

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Nova Urethane Reducers

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Thinning Paint: Urethane reducers are designed to thin urethane-based paints and clear coats. Thinning the paint makes it easier to apply using spray guns and ensures a smoother, more even application.
  • Improved Flow and Atomization: By reducing the viscosity of the paint, urethane reducers improve the flow and atomization of the paint particles when sprayed. This results in a finer, more uniform spray pattern and a better finish.
  • Temperature and Humidity Considerations: The choice of urethane reducer may depend on the prevailing temperature and humidity conditions during painting. Different reducers are formulated to work optimally under varying environmental conditions.
  • Mixing Ratios: To achieve the desired consistency, you’ll need to mix the urethane reducer with the urethane paint according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Mixing ratios can vary depending on the brand and specific product.
  • Product Compatibility: It’s important to use a urethane reducer that is compatible with the specific urethane paint or clear coat you are using. Mixing incompatible products can lead to issues such as poor adhesion, wrinkling, or other finish defects.

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Nova: Urethane Slow Reducer – 3542 (1 GAL), Nova: Urethane Fast Reducer – 3582 (1 GAL)


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