Fusor Plastic Repair Adhesives


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Fusor 100EZ Plastic Repair Adhesive: is a two-component, epoxy-based adhesive used for structural and cosmetic repair of auto and heavy-duty truck body panels and all types of rigid body plastics.

Fusor: 142 Fast Plastic Repair Adhesive:

  • Fast Adhesive: The Lord Fusor Plastic Repair Adhesive dries quickly for fast repairs.
  • Plastic Compatible: The adhesive works on plastic surfaces for versatile use.
  • Waterproof: The adhesive dries waterproof to prevent leaks and damage.


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Fusor Plastic Repair Adhesives


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Fusor: 100EZ Plastic Repair Adhesive (10.1 OZ Tube), Fusor: 142 Fast Plastic Repair Adhesive (10.1 OZ Tube)


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