Benefits of Cordless Polishers

Introducing the Benefits of Cordless Polishers

Cordless polishers are a great addition to your car wash, detailing, or auto body shop, whether
you find yourself to be a car enthusiast, novice, or professional. Keeping your car in perfect
condition is a near impossible task due to unavoidable imperfections that appear on your vehicle.
Here are some benefits that this type of product can offer to your vehicle. This product provides
customers with easy and effective paint correction to keep their cars looking clean. In addition,
cordless polishers make cleaning your headlights quick and easy. Another benefit of this tool is
its durability and convenience in comparison to corded polishers. This type of polisher is more
convenient than a corded polisher because there is no requirement or need for an outlet for the
main power of the tool to operate. Furthermore, there is less risk of the cable smacking against
your vehicle’s paintwork creating a potentially hazardous situation and damaging your vehicle in
the process. Lastly, the top cordless polishers offer good speed and similar torque as the corded

What Cordless Polishers can do for your Vehicle

Cordless polishers are a fine mechanical tool used to apply and polish off polish or wax left on
your vehicle for paint correction purposes. When applying polish to your vehicle while using this
tool you can remove many types of minor imperfections that are may be difficult to remove. This
includes light surface scratches, oxidation, dirt, bird stains, swirls, and other potential minor
imperfections that may appear on your vehicle. To add further protection to your vehicle it is
recommended to apply wax. A cordless polisher can serve both jobs much faster and more
effectively in comparison to doing the job manually.

Different Features of Cordless Polishers

There are many different features of cordless polishers which include design, RPM, charging
time, and battery life. When using this machine balance is critical, if you have small petite hands
it is recommended to purchase a lightweight, smaller diameter and length cordless polisher.
When putting your cordless polisher to use it is important to possess good surface texture
because texture equals transaction. This can be enhanced in a multitude of ways which includes
silicon grips, metal surface projections, and gloves. Different cordless polishers maintain
different RPM’s. These RPMs from the lowest start at 500 and the highest range from 2,500 to
4,000. RPM stands for revolutions per minute, which is another word used to describe engine
speed. The higher the RPM the more power the mechanical machine possesses. Cordless
polishers contain different-sized rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Charging time for this tool
can vary from 90 minutes to 2 hours for a full charge. Several cordless polishers also have a fast-
charging feature allowing 15-20 minutes for a full charge. Operating time ranges from 30
minutes of operation to approximately 60 minutes based on the product that is purchased. This feature
provides consumers a huge boost who are in a time crunch and need to use their machines as
soon as possible. All rechargeable batteries have a finite lifespan as well saving the customer
potentially unnecessary expenses.

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