Embrace Perfection with the Next Level Touch - Level Finish

Embrace Perfection with the Next Level Touch – Level Finish

Level Finish Sanding Discs

Level Finish offers a wide range of sanding discs to meet your finishing needs that are available here at Ben-Ami Autocare. This includes Ceramic Forever Discs, Forever Discs, and Honers Discs. In addition, these sanding discs work great with their Piston Hook Interface  Pads.

Ceramic Forever Discs

Ceramic Forever Discs: Ceramic Forever Discs have coaster coating technology that provides superior benefits of ceramic abrasives for the fastest and most consistent stock removal available.  In addition, the diamond-like pattern evenly cut surfaces with micro-replication. Forever Discs are designed to move air between the disc and surface creating micro-vacuums to remove debris. Level Finish’s uniquely designed multi-hole pattern easily adapts to any vacuum system and creates industry-leading extraction.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Coaster Coating technology
  • 3X faster cutting performance
  • Film Backing = Longer disc life
  • Efficient and level sanding
  • Multi-hole pattern for easy vacuum alignment

Level Finish Ceramic Forever Disc


Forever Discs

Forever Disc: Forever Discs possess non-stick Coaster Coating and dry-lubricant technology that provides the fastest cut possible with the most consistently refined finish. The diamond-like waves evenly cut surfaces with microreplication. Coaster Coating Technology allows air to flow between the disc and surface creating micro-vacuums to flush out debris. Next-Generation Forever Discs abrasives are embedded into a latex backing to reduce friction. Less friction combined with the diamond-like wave design reduces the clogging up of sanded debris. The sanding and buffing times will be shortened when combined with their “Piston Hook” interface pads. This will increase the productivity and quantity of your auto finishes.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Coaster Coating technology
  • 3X faster cutting performance
  • Dry-lubricant technology
  • Anti-Clog technology
  • Longer-lasting disc life
  • Latex backing = Low heat
  • Efficient and level sanding
  • True grit rating

Level Finish Forever Disc

Honer Discs 


Honer Discs:  Honer Discs are specifically engineered to refine sand scratches on painted surfaces. This reduces the time spent polishing and eliminates the need for cutting compounds. The foam-backed discs provide consistent contact with the surface and leave perfectly uniform scratches for quick and easy polishing. Honer Disc’s spongy foam absorbs lubricants that allow it to maintain a uniform sanding pattern and a comfortable feel while sanding. This enables the user to have greater precision and a more efficient leveling process. Honer Discs Coaster Coating Technology, longer disc life, more even, uniform sanding and leveling advantages set it well above the competition. These advantages also make Level Honer Discs Honer more cost-effective to help every body shop become more profitable. Increase sanding refinement by using level Liquid Leveler sanding polish and sanding lubricant.

Level Finish Honer Disc



Sia Abrasives Logo

How Can Sia Transform My Finishing Solutions?

Introducing Sia Abrasives

Sia Abrasives is one of the world’s leading suppliers of abrasives. Sia Abrasives has over 140 years of expertise. This brand has unrivaled innovativeness and offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of products. As a result, these products include solutions for all materials, a wide range of applications, and abrasives in all shapes and forms. Sia Abrasives can be used for jobs relating to automotive, aerospace, furniture production, interior building, and general applications.

Sia: Soft Sponge

How Can Sia Abrasives Provide Solutions for Different Detail Needs?

Sia Abrasives for Automotive Needs

Sia Abrasives’ proven surface system is comprised of abrasives, machinery, and accessories. Their product line supports bodywork professionals by providing tailor-made solutions for applications such as coarse sanding, repair sanding, lacquer sanding, and polishing. Together with professionals from the industry, Sia has created abrasives that save time and reduce costs.


Achieve your goals more efficiently using Sia’s system solutions for the aerospace industry. Sia Abrasives allows for professional work and saves our customers from unnecessary costs. Sia continues to work on customized abrasive solutions together with their buyers in the aviation industry.


Sia Abrasives maintains an extensive product range for surface treatment of solid wood, wood-based, and solid surface materials and paints. The various abrasive formats – from discs to wide belts and cross belts – exceed all expectations concerning mechanical load, surface quality, and service life.


New materials generate new needs. Sia provides tailored solutions –  so that the abrasive work can be carried out in a fast and clean manner. Sia Abrasives are extremely beneficial for painters, carpenters, plasterers, drywall builders, and floor layers. This will require recognizing the material, understanding its properties, and then fine-tuning the abrasive accordingly.

General Fabrication

From material removal to surface treatment and finishing, with or without structuring. System solutions from Sia Abrasives produce impressive and exciting results. All metalworking professionals are excited by abrasive applications which are perfectly coordinated, and suitable for all forms of abrasive applications on steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals.

What Are Abrasives?


An abrasive is a material used to finish (the act of polishing or making a surface smooth) or shape a workpiece through friction. The materials used on abrasives to create friction are often minerals. Abrasives are commonly mislabeled as sandpaper by the general public, but that is a misnomer because neither sand nor glass is used to manufacture abrasive products anymore. Abrasives are used for many different industrial, consumer, and technological applications. Abrasives can be used for cutting, grinding, polishing, drilling, sharpening, lapping, buffing, honing, and sanding among many other things. The wide range of uses has given birth to many different types of abrasive products.

How Do Abrasives Work?

As previously mentioned, abrasives rely on friction to remove material and smoothen out workpieces. While any two solid materials will wear each other away when repeatedly rubbed together over time, abrasive materials work well and last longer because they tend to be harder than the material that is being worked on. Abrasive grains (also called grit) have rough edges and when the grains come into contact with a material while in motion, the grains break away fragments of the workpiece. Many different factors determine how effective an abrasive will be. Factors include:

  • The relative hardness of an abrasive compared to the material being worked on (harder abrasives will cut deeper faster)
  • Adhesion between grains (determines how quickly grains are lost)
  • Loading (worn abrasives can reduce cutting efficiency)
  • Contact force (greater force will result in faster abrasion)
  • Use of lubricant, coolant, or metalworking fluid (can help to carry away sanding debris to prevent friction and reduce heat)

Sianet 7500 Abrasive



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