ShineMate – EB351- 5/15 Cordless Orbital Polisher

The ShineMate – EB351-5/15 is a cordless 15mm random orbital machine polisher which features a brushless motor, a dual-speed regulation system, vibration inhibition technology, and more!

Random Orbital Polisher EB351 is professionally designed and manufactured for automotive and industrial polishing works. The product brushless motor provides the customer high torque with greater efficiency and smoother operation. Its vibration inhibition technology allows for better balance for smoother operation.

The brushless motor in the EB351 delivers high torque with greater efficiency and smoother operation. Dual speed regulation gives you complete control over the machine when you need it. It allows you to select a speed on the wheel but also have finer control with a progressive trigger. The EB351 features digital control technology which gives you smooth start-up to prevent polish being slung across the vehicle. In addition it provides overload protection to extend the service life of the machine.

The ShineMate EB351 oozes quality and features high-precision CNC components and vibration inhibition technology for smoother operation. The “DustDevil” multi-hole backing plate helps to reduce heat and dust. The ergonomic design features a soft grip handle and hood for easy and secure operation. A soft support bar at the head of the machine also allows for it to be set down securely when not in use.

Cordless Polishing

Polish anywhere, any time with the ShineMate EB351. The 5.0Ah batteries that are supplied with the machine give 45-60 mins of run time and fully charge in 60 minutes. The batteries feature high quality Samsung cores which give a long service life with 500 times charging. As well as discharging and long runtimes. The charger features two slots to charge both batteries and both the charger and batteries feature aircool technology to keep them cool during charge and use.


From 2009 ShineMate expanded the business to electric polishing machines manufacturers. Allowing ShineMate to offer the complete polishing tool system to the automotive polishing and refinishing section. With the in-depth study of the paint polishing process and profound experience. As well as the continuous innovation and superb production technology. ShineMate won customers’ trust and love.

From body shop refinishing process to high gloss paint care works. ShineMate polishing tool system is built based on the deep integration and overall design from electric sanding and polishing machine, polishing pads, and compounding chemical. For the purpose to reduce operator fatigue and to achieve perfect paint finishes. ShineMate’s electric polishing machines are all designed for lightweight, comfortable in holding, and strong power. Orbital machines are built with leading eccentric balance control technology for elimination of machine vibration.

At Ben-Ami Autocare, we have ShineMate products available for purchase at the store or the website as well. The ShineMate orbital polishers are available to purchase on Ben-Ami Autocare’s website and in the physical stores as well.  

ShineMate EX603 Orbital Polisher 12mm Orbit 

The ShineMate EX603 Polisher is a long throw 12mm polisher in a compact body. This product features a CNC machined counterweight system. Which is the smoothest compact dual action polisher currently available on the market right now. This machine provides its customers with an innovative leap forward in design, specification, ergonomics and versatility. In addition this product offers a unique speed stabilizing system that anticipates a slowdown of rotation speed. The ShineMate EX603 will help customers to adapt to each situation that is placed in front of you. It will safely remove defects from the vehicle’s surface without a requisite adjustment of technique. In order to provide professional level finishes whether you are a detailer or simply an enthusiast. With ample ventilation both in the machine body and in the backing plate design, soft start system and 5 meter cable. ShineMate polishers will maintain your pads in excellent condition during repeated heavy correction. At peak operating performance as well. 

ShineMate EX 620 Orbital Polisher 

The ShineMate EX620 Polisher is designed ergonomically with a delicate appearance, comfortable grip and smooth operation. This allows this orbital polisher to possess mechanical aesthetics and strong performance. Some of the product features include: 800 Watts of power, 5800/min speed, accelerator switch, intelligence control, CNC technics and robust motor. In comparison to the ShineMate EX610 orbital polisher, the ShineMate EX620 orbital polisher is 30% faster and 60% more powerful. This product maintains precise speed control as well. With pre-settings that include: 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6 speed ranges. The 1-2 speed range allows customers to apply the polish evenly to paint. The 3-4 speed range is for fast polishing. The 5-6 speed range is for the restoration of the mirror shine. 


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