VIRTUS: 497 UHD ULTRA FAST CUT AND POLISH With Free Quantum 400 GSM Microfiber Towel


  • 5in1 Work like a Coarse, Medium, Fine, Ultrafine, Hologram Free Compound
  • Drastically reduction of polishing time – Rotary & DA – One Step Polishing
  • (Remove P1200) – Easy Wipe – Drying Free – More Creamy new formula –
  • Easily remove big scratches – Hologram Free Result – Low Consumption – No Dusting – No Splattering – No Holograms After Car Wash or IPA.
  • Best Pads to buy with Virtus 497: Rupes Coarse Wool Polishing Pad and Rupes D-A Fine High Performance Fine Polishing Foam Pad. By ordering Virtus: 497 UHD Ultra Fast Cut and Polish at Benami Autocare’s Website you will receive a free Quantum 400 GSM Microfiber towel.

Here is some key information on the high quality Quantum 400 GSM Microfiber Towel:

  • More Durable – We gave our towels to an independent lab to find out just how durable they are. After 250 washings they still looked great and absorbed 92% of what they absorbed when they were new.
  • More Microfiber with Intra Weave – Most microfiber is woven into 100% polyester ground fabric. We wanted more. We had our factory make these towels with microfiber actually blended into the ground fabric. This means more microfiber, making them true premium microfiber towels. For more information on our intra weave, scroll down to see how it works.
  • More Weight – Most all-purpose microfiber towels are between 250 and 300 grams per square meter. These are thicker and heavier at 400 grams per square meter.



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