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What Makes House Of Kolor Stand Out?

If you want top-notch quality in custom color auto paints, look no further than the House of Kolor auto paint. Known in the coatings industry since 1956, House of Kolor continues the tradition of high-quality premium custom finishes for vehicles and motorcycles. Whether you are looking for the proven Shimrin® House of Kolor Kandy paint or want to try the innovative Shimrin® 2 line of basecoats that features a more amplified pearl effect, the selection offered at Benami Autocare allows you to make custom House of Kolor paint kits for a range of painting projects. You will find both HOK Shimrin® and Shimrin® 2 basecoats and other necessary components, including primers, clearcoats, catalysts, and reducers. We are located in Lindenhurst NY please stop by the store or visit our website.

House Of Kolor Paint

What is the First Step in your House of Kolor Paint Job?

The first step in every House of Kolor paint job is always a proper undercoat. House of Kolor Surfacers/Sealers prep and prime your surface for that beautiful shine that every customer is looking for. This product helps create a smooth and consistent base for the paint to adhere to, enhances color vibrancy, and can help hide imperfections on the surface. The surfacer/sealer is designed to work in conjunction with their other paint products. It could be used to prepare the surface of a vehicle or other objects for the application of House of Kolor paints. Ultimately providing an optimal base for achieving the desired color and finish. Check out our options on our website.

House Of Kolor Surfacer/Sealer


The Next Step

The next step is to apply the House Of Kolor Basecoats. This product is designed to be applied after a primer or surfacer has been applied to the surface. They are formulated to provide rich color and excellent coverage while allowing the reflective properties of the color to shine through. These products make your project sparkle, shine, shimmer, and turn heads. Delivering intense and brilliant colors that can be further enhanced with clear coats and other finishes. The hard part is deciding which to choose. Let us show you what will work best.

House Of Kolor Basecoat


The Final Step

The final step is the topcoat, giving your project that show-ready finish. This can be achieved through the use of the House Of Kolor Klear Koats. This product is made to complement their basecoat and is designed to deliver a durable and glossy finish that helps showcase the vibrancy and depth of the basecoat color beneath it. This product will help you achieve different levels of glossiness, from matte to high-gloss, depending on the desired final look. They provide a smooth and consistent surface that enhances the overall visual appeal of the vehicle or object being painted. At Benami Autocare, we have the final touch for you.

House Of Kolor Klear


What is the ProSpray Intermix System? – ProSpray

ProSpray Intermix System

ProSpray Intermix System

The ProSpray Intermix System can be mixed as a basecoat or single stage with a choice of high, medium, and normal solids for National Rule areas. As well as a high-solids option for those that require low VOC. The basecoat system offers excellent coverage and superior blending characteristics. Using a 1:1 mixing ratio for National Rule and a 1:2 mixing ratio for low VOC with the option to be activated for increased durability. The single-stage system offers superior flow and gloss retention using one set of activators and thinners to provide you with a streamlined easy-to-use system.

How does the ProSpray Intermix System benefit your vehicle?

Pro-Spray Automotive Paint System is crafted for high coverage, perfect color match, and performance. This company’s product provides customers with finishing blend paint that functions with European technology. Here at Benami, we sell high-quality toners and clear coats available in the Pro-Spray Brands. The Pro-Spray Toners and Clearcoats are in stock on our website and are also available on hand in our shop. We provide a range of these products within Pro-Spray’s excellent and outstanding Intermix System. These products will provide customers with superb coverage and superior blending for their automotive vehicles. This paint system is designed for ideal performance.

Our Available Product Line

Here at Benami Autocare, we carry the complete ProSpray Intermix System such as:

  • Clear Coats
  • Hardeners
  • Activators
  • Reducers
  • Thinners
  • Toners

Pro-Spray finishes possess a full range of premium, easy-to-use, European technology clearcoats for exceptional performance durability, and DOI. Pro-Spray hardeners and activators are available for use in national rule and low VOC Prospray 2K products. In addition, we carry product-specific activators for specialty products. Pro-Spray thinners and reducers include universal 2K thinners for national rule and low VOC for a more compact system. Low VOC reactive basecoat reducer helps create a more durable finish keeping your car strong and looking clean.

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