Chicane Tape a New Way of Fitting Masking Tape

Chicane Masking Tape is a new way of pre-cut tape.  MIARCO’s revolutionary tape has a series of characteristics that separates the product from other masking tapes currently available on the market. Chicane adhesive masking tape has adhesive on both sides of the tape. As a result, rubbers can be separated and joints are sealed at the same time. In addition, the tape is pre-cut so it is easier to tailor the tape measurements to the area that needs to be masked. It also has a reinforced PVC strip running through the center of the tape. To allow for more pressure to be applied to the rubbers without losing flexibility. Chicane adhesive masking tape is easy to fit and to remove. It can also withstand temperatures up to 80ºC. Therefore it is perfect for booth spraying, without leaving excess waste.

All these characteristics bring a series of advantages, including reducing masking times by up to half, and removing the need for foam tape and standard masking tape, given that the rubbers are separated and the joints are sealed at the same time. Finally, with Chicane masking tape, the paint does not get inside the vehicle and paint cut-off lines blend.

The Chicane Tape is quicker, saves material and provides an excellent finish for your automotive vehicle. This product saves you time by reducing masking times by up to half in comparison to other masking tapes. This product also saves the consumer material by separating the rubbers and seal joints with just one single product. As a result, this saves the customer valuable time and money when they purchase this product. Lastly, this masking tape provides you an excellent finish by preventing paint from getting inside the vehicle. As a result, it will blend cut off lines in order to make them invisible. 

How to Fit Chicane Masking Tape:


Step 1: Stick the narrow part of the tape to the inside of the door frame 

Step 2: Close the door 

Step 3: Pull the wide part of the tape out and stick it down to the outside 


koch chemie long island

New Polish System. Koch Chemie Long Island

The Evolution in Paint Treatment

The development of new, scratch-resistant paint systems is progressing, and the car manufacturers are thus confronting us with new challenges in terms of what a polishing compounds needs to be able to do. The increased use of random orbital machines such as the Rupes Big Foot for defect correction also contributed to the evolution of our polishing system.  The aim of the development was to increase the level of cut for all of our polishing compounds whilst simultaneously maintaining the high degree of gloss.

Polishing compounds and pads – a complementary system

To achieve an ideal polishing result it is not enough to select an excellent polishing compound. Besides the selection of the machine and the experience in application the quality of the polishing pads is just as important. In cooperation with a manufacturer of polishing pads we have worked on the best pad quality matching every new polishing compound. Our new partner masters all production steps from the development of chemicals, foaming to assembling – everything made in Germany. With the new system ideal results can be achieved even faster in our simple two-step process






We have reduced the height of the pads to 23mm, resulting in a reduction of torsion forces, improved handling and maximum stability during the polishing process. The unique foam material produced especially for us has a special density, which ensures long-lasting compression resistance and thus the polishing pads retain their shape for a longer time.  Optimal reticulation and the number of cells both contribute to improved abrasiveness and excellent hygiene factors. Thanks to the milling edge, the pads have gained increased flexibility to better fit around contours. A distinction between the uniform black pads is made by the fleece, which is matched to the color code of the polishing compounds and thus offers the user even more process reliability. The new color coordinated dust free single packaging of the pads ensure you’ll make the right choice.

MHT-7000 Drying System Motor Guard – Long Island for Sale

Motor Guard’s MHT-7000 offers six stages of air prep in a single unit and provides for the quickest, cleanest cartridge change in the industry.

Motor Guard introduces the most advanced air preparation system for spray booths and critical refinishing operations. The Motor Guard High Tech Air Preparation System (MHT-7000) offers six stages of air prep in a single unit and provides for the quickest, cleanest cartridge change in the industry.

The MHT-7100 Compressed Air Filter is a high-volume water trap combined with a particulate and oil filter that features Motor Guard’s exclusive hydrophillic depth cartridge which filters to an incredible .01 micron rating. The cartridge was developed to trap oil, water and particulates in between the tightly wound sheets of high-efficiency media. A drop-in replacement cartridge (M-710) and spin-off T-handle provide for a rapid cartridge change.

The MHT-7200 Compressed Air Desiccant Dryer features a unique cartridge that combines an activated carbon inner element to remove oil vapor to less than .003 ppm with a high-capacity silica gel desiccant dryer that delivers an incredible -40ºF dew point to the spray booth. Two full quarts of silica gel desiccant beads ensure a long filter life and a sealed, disposable cartridge (M-720) and spin-off T-handle provide for a quick and clean cartridge change. A color-change (blue to pink) sight glass signals the need the replace both cartridges.

The MHT-7300 Compressed Air Precision Regulator is a high-quality, true diaphragm regulator designed to set and hold outlet pressure over a wide range of flows and conditions. A high-visibility, multi-scale pressure gauge features a scratch and solvent proof glass lens that will outlast all competitive gauges.

The MHT-7000 High Tech Air Filtration System is the latest addition to a full line of repair and refinishing products. From Pulling to Painting, Motor Guard has a product for all of your auto body repair and refinishing needs.

Forza Steam Cleaners Long Island

MR-1000 Forza Commercial Grade Steam Cleaning System

MR-1000 Forza Commercial Grade Steam Cleaning System

In Italian, Forza stands for “strength & power”. Performance, endurance, and total value – are the crown features of the all new updated MR-1000 Forza Commercial Grade Steam Cleaning System. Years of intensive development and customer feedback were dedicated to create its new updated version, resulting in the most powerful and innovative steam cleaners the industry has ever seen.

All over the world, MR-1000 Forza has greatly improved commercial cleaning for hundreds of business owners with star-quality restaurants and kitchens, auto shops and detailing, hospitals, residential care homes, and more. Experts in pest control have also found incredible value in the MR-1000 chemical-free treatment against bed bugs, dust mites, mold, and other allergens.

Forza Steam Cleaners for sale Long Island
Forza Steam Cleaners for sale Long Island at Ben Ami Auto Care

HSM250 Mig Welder for Sale at Ben Ami Auto Care

System features IGBT high efficiency inverter power supply with epoxy sealed components in a full size shop cabinet with the highest duty-cycle rating in class. Operating features include digital control panel with 28 pre-loaded synergic pulse programs, infinitely variable output power from 10-250 amps and operator selectable pre & post gas, slow feed, burn back, spot, ramp, slope, frequency, duty, arc length, spool gun, hot start, and arc force.

Package includes double pulse synergic inverter power supply with three dedicated MIG guns, compact TIG torch with thumb-wheel control and quick-connect welding cable 12.5’, 250A work clamp with quick-connect welding cable 10’, 250-amp electrode holder with quick-connect welding cable 10’, dual gas regulators, AK-2 torch kit, spool of steel, aluminum and silicone bronze wire, “V” & “U” drive rolls and operator manual.

DOWNLOAD » HSM250 Specification Sheet
DOWNLOAD » HSM250 User Manual

Input Power: 208-240VAC Single-P 50/60 Hz
Output Power: 30-250 Amps (DCV)
Input Current: 35 Amps (NEMA 6-50P Cord)
Duty-Cycle: 35% @ 250 Amps
Dimensions: 40” x 24” x 36.5” (102 X 61 X 93)
Weight: 185 Lbs. (84 Kg)
Inner carton: 33.5” X 24.8” X 34.25” (85 X 63 X 87)
Shipping Weight: ~200 Lbs.

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