Benefits of Walcom Thermodry Technology

The Walcom Thermodry technology is available to purchase at Benami Autocare today. Some of products features with the TD1 Pro and TD 3 Pro include a multifunctional heat conditioner range. This is a unique and ground-breaking compressed air conditioning system which lets you work in heat regulated air without any solid and gaseous impurities. The TD1 and TD3 pro possess a integrated heating features that have the ability to heat the air up to 70 degrees Celsius. The Thermotechnology Technology line is has been recently stored with the advanced state of the art THT hose. Which provides the customer with a more effective and powerful tool for their automotive vehicles. The THT hose is a specifically designed to be heated right from the unit to the spray gun.

These features and advantages of this product provide the customer with a range of benefits. The product will allow up to 40% drying time savings over traditional systems. It also provides the possibility of lowering paint booth temperature by at least 5 degrees Celsius over what is recommended by a paint manufacturer. The Walcom Thermodry Technology provides the customer with better paint layout, higher application speed and elimination of brilliancy loss. It also creates a reduction of wet spots, “orange peel” effect reduction and full elimination of solid and gaseous impurities. Furthermore, this product will produce breathable filtered air, lowering of the dew point, automatic and timed regeneration. Lastly, the constant compressed air and hose temperature will guarantee system efficiency.


Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team New Partnership with Sherwin Williams Company

Driven by Technical Innovation and Sustainability

The Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team and The Sherwin-Williams Company, the leading paints and coatings company, have announced a new partnership. The team and Sherwin-Williams share the objectives of driving technical innovations in the automotive industry, bringing people, products and platforms together and working towards a better, more sustainable and more inclusive future around the world. Paints and coatings manufacturer Sherwin-Williams can look back on a long tradition in the automotive sector and is one of the leading companies in its field.

There are many similarities between the team and Sherwin-Williams in addition to their constant striving for new innovations and better performance. Sherwin-Williams is committed to a sustainable way of working in all of its business, production and sales processes. In addition, the Company is heavily involved with its communities and advocates a culture of more inclusion, diversity and equity. To this end, Sherwin-Williams has launched the ‘We Stand Together’ initiative. As part of this initiative, Sherwin-Williams is committed to advancing a culture of inclusion, diversity and equity where differences are welcomed, celebrated and appreciated to positively impact its people and business.

About Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams® manufactures and distributes a complete line of advanced technology paint and coating systems for automotive and commercial refinishing, aerospace and fleet refinishing industries. From Ultra 9K™ Waterborne Basecoat System to GENESIS® and Fastline®, Sherwin-Williams specializes in providing high performance interior and exterior coatings, and collision repair products to its customer base including automotive jobber distributors, collision repair facilities, dealerships, fleet owners and refinishers, production shops, and original equipment manufacturers. Today with more than 150 company-owned stores in the U.S., Sherwin-Williams is dedicated to providing customers with superior products and services, as well as technical training and business consulting ranging from collision repair design services to innovative technologies for shops to drive in-process quality and manage inventory and production.

Color Spectrophotometer – Matching Paint

To eliminate any guesswork when covering up a scratch or dent, experienced collision repair technicians need to use a replicated paint color. Without a matching shade, a collision technician’s work will look unprofessional and maybe even worse than an actual scratch or ding would. Individuals with older, classic cars run into this problem frequently because there are certain instances where the manufacturer has discontinued the paint.

To find a matching paint color for a damaged vehicle, collision repair technicians use a device called a spectrophotometer to properly identify the exact shade of the vehicle’s current color. The machine measures the amount of light and the exact hues on the car’s current paint finish. This data is then paired with the vehicle’s VIN to electronically find the paint formula on the vehicle’s existing finish.

When the spectrophotometer matches its data with the VIN of the car, collision repair technicians have a solid grasp on the vehicle’s current paint color. Through computer measuring systems, that paint color is then replicated and applied over the damaged area, leaving you with a car that looks brand new.

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