Valspar Toners and Pearls

Why Make Valspar Part Of Your Automotive Supply? – Valspar

Why Select Valspar Refinish As Part Of Your Paint Supplies?

Valspar Refinish products deliver the very best in color-matching technology for customers who are interested in automotive paint supplies. From the lab to the body shop, Valspar is the cutting edge in refinishing technology. The product performance, application engineering, and operational excellence make Valspar the partner you need at your side as you take your shop to the next level. For over 100 years, automotive professionals around the world have relied on Valspar’s refinishing products to bring new life to old surfaces. Here at Ben-Ami Auto Care, we provide our customers with top-quality brands such as Valspar Automotive products. These products are available for purchase in the physical store or the website as well.

Valspar Refinish 

Valspar® Refinish is a market leader for premium-quality, low-cost automotive-refinish paints and coatings. The company’s goal is for every customer you serve to be more than impressed with every paint job, every vehicle, every time—and for your shop to be consistently profitable. It is a versatile, compact intermix system,  offering high-quality, solvent-based solutions for your refinishing needs. With a premium Low VOC solution (LV Series) that includes our easy-to-apply primers and clearcoats that set industry standards – the Valspar Refinish line is a solid choice for the body shop that values performance.

We make this possible by delivering everything you need to succeed:

  • Outstanding quality
  • Excellent color consistency
  • Shortened cycle times
  • Lower material costs
  • Consistent results

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What Products Does Valspar Refinish Have To Offer?

Radical Effect Toners 

A system that is recognized in the collision repair and refinish industry as ultra-versatile. Now includes four new toners that promise to deliver special effect colors – more than 75 OEM colors that could not be mixed until now. From Fusion to Seafoam, four new Radical Effects Toners promise to deliver interesting and unique color shifts. It can be drastic or ever so subtle – from magenta to green and green/ gold to turquoise.

VALSPAR RADICAL EFFECTS - Bodyshop Paint Supplies Bayswater

Universal Intermix Toners 

Valspar’s proprietary Universal Intermix System is the industry leader for state-of-the-art innovation and efficiency in tinting technology. One set of universal tints, liquid pearls, and technology-specific binders can be mixed to achieve basecoat, polyurethane single-stage, acrylic-urethane enamel, and alkyd enamel. In addition, with the Low VOC product line, all polyurethane single-stage products can be mixed at VOC levels that meet all air-quality regulations.


Valspar® Refinish offers a range of solutions that will keep your shop productive while ensuring you achieve the best possible quality, job after job. Whether you need a primer, a primer sealer, or a primer surfacer, we offer all the technologies and variations you need. Valspar’s state-of-the-art Colored Primer System gives you more color options than any primer in the world.

Basecoats/Top Coats 

When you need hard-working, absolutely reliable coatings and color, trust Valspar® Refinish. From basecoats to topcoats, Valspar provides the options and quality you demand. The company’s innovative solutions will keep your shop efficient and profitable.

Reducers & Activators 

Valspar® Refinish provides a full selection of reducers and activators to keep your repairs moving efficiently and looking outstanding. Here at Ben-Ami Autocare, we are always happy to provide consultation on which best products would best meet your specific needs. Just ask.


Valspar® Refinish offers a full line of clearcoats. These clear coats ensure outstanding application properties, durability, flow, leveling, and the ultimate in gloss and depth. Whatever options your shop requires medium solids, low VOCs, anti-graffiti, or any other we have a performance combination that’s right for you.


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Sia Abrasives

How Can Sia Transform My Finishing Solutions?

Introducing Sia Abrasives

Sia Abrasives is one of the world’s leading suppliers of abrasives. Sia Abrasives has over 140 years of expertise. This brand has unrivaled innovativeness and offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of products. As a result, these products include solutions for all materials, a wide range of applications, and abrasives in all shapes and forms. Sia Abrasives can be used for jobs relating to automotive, aerospace, furniture production, interior building, and general applications.

How Can Sia Abrasives Provide Solutions for Different Detail Needs?

Sia Abrasives for Automotive Needs

Sia Abrasives’ proven surface system is comprised of abrasives, machinery, and accessories. Their product line supports bodywork professionals by providing tailor-made solutions for applications such as coarse sanding, repair sanding, lacquer sanding, and polishing. Together with professionals from the industry, Sia has created abrasives that save time and reduce costs.


Achieve your goals more efficiently using Sia’s system solutions for the aerospace industry. Sia Abrasives allows for professional work and saves our customers from unnecessary costs. Sia continues to work on customized abrasive solutions together with their buyers in the aviation industry.


Sia Abrasives maintain an extensive product range for surface treatment of solid wood, wood-based, and solid surface materials and paints. The various abrasive formats – from discs to wide belts and cross belts – exceed all expectations concerning mechanical load, surface quality, and service life.


New materials generate new needs. Sia provides tailored solutions –  so that the abrasive work can be carried out in a fast and clean manner. Sia Abrasives are extremely beneficial for painters, carpenters, plasterers, drywall builders, and floor layers. This will require recognizing the material, understanding its properties, and then fine-tuning the abrasive accordingly.

General Fabrication

From material removal to surface treatment and finishing, with or without structuring. System solutions from Sia Abrasives produce impressive and exciting results. All metalworking professionals are excited by abrasive applications which are perfectly coordinated, and suitable for all forms of abrasive applications on steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals.

What Are Abrasives?


An abrasive is a material used to finish (the act of polishing or making a surface smooth) or shape a workpiece through friction. The materials used on abrasives to create friction are often minerals. Abrasives are commonly mislabeled as sandpaper by the general public, but that is a misnomer because neither sand nor glass is used to manufacture abrasive products anymore. Abrasives are used for many different industrial, consumer, and technological applications. Abrasives can be used for cutting, grinding, polishing, drilling, sharpening, lapping, buffing, honing, and sanding among many other things. The wide range of uses has given birth to many different types of abrasive products.

How Do Abrasives Work?

As previously mentioned, abrasives rely on friction to remove material and smoothen out workpieces. While any two solid materials will wear each other away when repeatedly rubbed together over time, abrasive materials work well and last longer because they tend to be harder than the material that is being worked on. Abrasive grains (also called grit) have rough edges and when the grains come into contact with a material while in motion, the grains break away fragments of the workpiece. Many different factors determine how effective an abrasive will be. Factors include:

  • The relative hardness of an abrasive compared to the material being worked on (harder abrasives will cut deeper faster)
  • Adhesion between grains (determines how quickly grains are lost)
  • Loading (worn abrasives can reduce cutting efficiency)
  • Contact force (greater force will result in faster abrasion)
  • Use of lubricant, coolant, or metalworking fluid (can help to carry away sanding debris to prevent friction and reduce heat)



DeBeer Water Base

What Can The DeBeer Water Base 900 Series Do For My Paint System?

DeBeer Water Base 900 Series was released by Valspar Automotive more than a decade ago. It was the first VOC-compliant refinish system on the market and is now recognized as a market-leading, low-cost, and high-quality refinisher.

The 900+ Series can improve coverage with high-opacity hues for all solid, pearl, metallic, and metallic colors.  The series is incredibly easy to use and comes with a complete system of must-have primers, clearcoats, and ancillaries. 

DeBeer Refinish brings you a simpler and smarter refinishing solution. The comprehensive DeBeer Water Base 900+ Series system is easy to use. In addition, its innovative approach meets the needs of today’s advanced refinisher. Fully compatible components assure superior quality results with striking natural clarity and exceptional color precision. Vivid colors that are so real they seem to be lifted straight from nature. This water-based mixing system allows you to maintain fine-tuned quality and speed with the increased coverage and efficiencies of the leading brands. In addition, it can help you match any paint job. 

Save time, materials, and energy with superb coverage and quick drying. Waste and pollution are countered by clever design and non-aggressive formulations. Trust DeBeer to make higher productivity and profits easy. 

The Difference Is DeBeer Premium Refinishing


                          DeBeer Water Base


Microfiber Towels

What Can Microfiber Towels Do For Your Detailing Needs?

How do Microfiber Towels Affect The Appearance Of My Vehicle?

Microfiber towels are specialized cleaning and detailing towels designed for use in the automotive industry. They are known for their high absorbency, softness, and ability to clean without leaving streaks or scratches on vehicle surfaces. These towels come in various sizes, types, and GSM ratings (Grams per Square Meter), each with specific applications in automotive care and detailing. Here are some common types of automotive microfiber towels available at Benami Autocare:

Drying Towels: These towels are designed for drying a vehicle’s exterior after washing. They typically have a high GSM rating (e.g., 300 to 800 GSM) to maximize water absorption and minimize the risk of water spots.

Waffle Weave Towels: These towels have a textured waffle pattern that increases surface area and improves water absorption. They are often used for drying and detailing.

Buffing and Polishing Towels: These towels are used for applying and buffing off wax, polish, or sealants on a vehicle’s paint surface. They are usually soft and lint-free to prevent scratching and leave a high-gloss finish.

Glass Cleaning Towels: These are designed specifically for cleaning glass surfaces, such as windows and mirrors. They are often lint-free and streak-free to ensure clear and spotless results.

What is the difference between 300 and 400 GSM?

Microfiber Towels with 300 GSM:

  1. Absorbency: Towels with a 300 GSM rating are moderately absorbent. They can handle light to medium moisture levels and are suitable for tasks like wiping down surfaces in the kitchen, cleaning mirrors, or quick car drying.
  2. Versatility: These towels are versatile and can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks, both wet and dry.
  3. Durability: Microfiber towels with a 300 GSM rating are typically durable and can withstand multiple washes. They are often used in households and car detailing.
  4. Cost-Effective: They are often more cost-effective than higher GSM towels, making them a good choice for everyday cleaning needs.
  5. Lint-Free: Like most microfiber towels, those with a 300 GSM rating are lint-free, which means they won’t leave lint or streaks behind when used for cleaning.

Microfiber Towels with 400 GSM:

  1. Absorbency: Towels with a 400 GSM rating are more absorbent compared to 300 GSM towels. They can handle heavier moisture levels and are suitable for tasks that require more thorough drying, such as drying a car’s exterior after washing.
  2. Versatility: They are versatile and can be used for a wide range of cleaning tasks, from household cleaning to automotive detailing.
  3. Durability: Microfiber towels with a 400 GSM rating are also durable and can withstand frequent use and washing.
  4. Softness: These towels are soft and gentle on surfaces, making them suitable for delicate tasks like cleaning glass or polishing surfaces without scratching.
  5. Cost: While they offer increased absorbency and softness, they may be slightly more expensive than 300 GSM towels.
Motor Guard Air Preparation System

How Can The Motor Guard Air Preparation System Help With Your Paint Job? – Motor Guard

About Motor Guard Air Preparation Systems:

Motor Guard offers innovative and time-saving Air Preparation Systems that provide unique solutions to refinishing challenges. Some of the company’s applications range from air preparation tools such as air compressors, filters, and control units. Motor Guard has been providing compressed air filtration for over 32 years. This led Motor Guard to create a modular filtration system designed to integrate with components you may already have in your shop. In many instances, you may already have a quality regulator or water trap. These components may be used along with the Motor Guard Compressed Air Conditioning Modules to build one of many custom systems to fit any application in your shop. Don’t waste money buying pre-built systems that contain parts you already own.

How Can This Air Preparation System Product Provide Premium Paint Preparation?

This Motor Guard Air Preparation System removes moisture from compressed air. Moisture in compressed air can lead to corrosion, contamination of paint and coatings, and reduced equipment efficiency. Therefore, desiccant dryers ensure clean, dry air in automotive painting, sandblasting, and other applications. These desiccant dryers are commonly used in automotive refinishing shops, body shops, and industrial settings where clean, dry air is essential for painting, sanding, and operating pneumatic tools.

Motor Guard: High Tech Compressed Air Desiccant Dryer Specifications:

This product is a high-volume water trap combined with a particulate and oil filter with the company’s hydrophilic depth cartridge that filters to a 0.01-micron rating. The cartridge was developed to trap oil, water, and particulates between the tightly wound sheets of high-efficiency media. A drop-in replacement cartridge (No. M-700) and spin-off T-handle provide for a rapid cartridge change.

Features and Benefits:

  • Centrifugal Water Separator Traps Condensed Moisture
  • Hydrophilic Depth Cartridge Traps Particulates, Water and Oil Aerosols
  • Port Size: 1/2 NPT Nominal Airflow: 100 CFM Water Trap Bowl Capacity: 16 fl. oz. Nominal Filtration Rating: .01 Micron Outlet Pressure Range: 0-125 PSI Maximum Pressure: 125 PSI Temperature Range: 32-120F
  • Quick and Clean Cartridge Change
  • Made in USA


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