Harper Cleaning Tools


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Harper has provided high-quality cleaning tools to professionals and homeowners since 1900. Harper offers a wide selection of quality cleaning tools for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Whether for general cleaning or to remove dirt, dust, wood shavings, mulch, gravel, or other debris.


Harper Cleaning Tools

Harper offers an extensive range of high-quality cleaning solutions for both household and industrial applications. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, Harper Cleaning Tools ensure efficient and effective cleaning performance every time. Harper provides everything you need to tackle any cleaning task with ease. Their brushes are designed to handle various surfaces, from delicate fabrics to tough concrete, while our brooms effortlessly sweep away dirt and debris. With Harper, you can trust in reliability, durability, and superior cleaning power for a spotless environment.

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Harper: 476 – Extra Large Angle Broom – Comes With Comfort Handle, Harper: 24″ Outdoor Rough Surface Broom (Orange), Harper: 24″ Economy Stiff Sweep Rough Wet/Dry Broom (Blue), Harper: 24″ Broom (Beige), Harper: 1 1/8″ X 72″ Wood Broom Handle With Metal Threaded Tip, Harper: Tri-Level 10” Nylex Wash Brush, Harper: 9” Broom, Harper: Broom Handle 1″ X 60″ Black Fiberglass With Treaded Plastic End, Harper: Jumbo Debris Pan, Harper: Snow Dominator, Harper: 36” Premium Soft Sweep Broom, Harper: 24″ Push Broom Head Speed Sweep – Palmyra Head – Red End, Harper: 24″ Stiff Complete Street Push Broom, Harper: 6″ Scraper For Brooms, Harper: 15/16″ X 48″ Wood Broom Handle With Metal Threaded Tip, Harper: Black Metal Broom Handle With Plastic Threads (15/16″ X 60″), Harper: 18″ Pusher Shovel, Harper: 36″ Double Edge Rubber Squeegee, Harper: Corn Wisk Broom (11 1/2″), Harper: Warehouse Heavy Duty Corn Broom (Black) 1 1/4″ X 36″, Harper: 36″ Silver Bristle Broom, Harper: 36″ Stiff Bristle Super Sweep, Harper: Corn Broom Professional, Harper: 4″ Round Wheel Brush – Pro Flo, Harper: 12” Broom, Harper: Big Blue – Heavy Duty 24″ Broom, Harper: Power Brace For Broom, Harper: 60” Fiberglass Pole, Harper: 24″ Joy Sweep Broom, Harper: 36″ Joy Sweep Broom, Harper: 24” Shopkeeper Broom, Harper: 42″ Fine Beige Sweep Broom, Harper: 1 1/8″ X 60″ Tapered Lacquered Wood Handle, Harper: 36″ Curved Squeegee, Harper: 18" Cornoette Brush, Harper: 14″ Premium Nylon Truck/Car Wash Brush, Harper: 36″ Fine Dust Broom, Harper: Silver Bristle – 24” Dust Broom, Harper: 1 1/8″ X 60″ Wood Broom Handle With Metal Threaded Tip, Harper: Nylex 10” Wash Brush, Harper: Lobby Dust Pan, Harper: Lobby Broom, Harper: Corn Broom Professional, Harper: 20″ Gong Brush, Harper: 12″ Straight Sweep Broom, Harper: Lobby Corn Broom, Harper: Syntheti Counter Duster Brush, Harper: Synth Fiber Lobby Broom, Harper: Metal Straight Floor Squeegee Connector, Harper: 24″ Snowplow With Handle & Brace, Harper: Metal Dust Pan, Harper: Economy Hot Sweep 24″, Harper: Eco Stiff Orange 18” Broom, Harper: 36″ Medium Brush Head, Harper: 18” ShopKeeper Broom, Harper: 8″ Wash Brush (Tan Bristle), Harper: Steel Squeegee Brace (For 25322 AND 25330 Squeegee), Harper: 18″ – 36″ Premium Steel Push Broom Brace, Harper: 42″ XL Broom Brace (Red), Ames: 1 1/8″ X 60″ Tapered Wood Broom Handle, Ames: 4047 – Giant Angle Broom – Comes With 48″ Handle


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