Catamount Toners and Additives


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Catamount Coatings creates customized, high-quality products with input from highly skilled automotive technicians. Their expert team understands your needs and creates effective solutions designed to achieve the best results in the booth. Their products are specifically designed to exceed your expectations.

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Catamount Toners and Additives

Available Toners: 

  • Catamount: Universal White Toner
  • Catamount: Red Toner 
  • Catamount: Maroon Toner 
  • Catamount: Quindo Violet Toner
  • Catamount: Magenta Toner
  • Catamount: Bright Coarse Toner
  • Catamount: Fine Silver Toner
  • Catamount: Universal – Black Toner 
  • Catamount: Universal – High Solids Black Toner 
  • Catamount: Universal – High Solids White Toner

Available Additives:

  • Catamount: Universal Binder For Basecoat
  • Catamount: Urethane Accelerator 



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