Ben-Ami Autocare Primers 

Ben-Ami Autocare specializes in the distribution of primers for body shops’ various project needs. These include Acrylic, Epoxy, and Urethane Primers. Here are some key features of these products:

Acrylic Primer 

Acrylic Automotive Primer: Ben-Ami Autocare’s Acrylic Automotive Primers are a versatile solution for automotive painting projects. Formulated for excellent adhesion and fast drying, they provide a smooth and durable base for topcoat application. Its acrylic formulation offers flexibility and resistance to cracking, ensuring long-lasting protection against corrosion and abrasion. Ideal for both professional and DIY use, delivering reliable results every time.

Epoxy Primer:

Epoxy Automotive Primer: For superior corrosion resistance and adhesion, choose Ben-Ami Autocare’s Epoxy Automotive Primers. These two-component systems are engineered to provide a strong and durable foundation for automotive refinishing. Its epoxy formulation creates a tough barrier against moisture and contaminants, ensuring long-term protection for metal surfaces. With excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, they are ideal for demanding applications where durability is paramount.

Urethane Primer:

Urethane Automotive Primer: Experience professional-grade performance with Ben-Ami Autocare’s Urethane Automotive Primers. They offer exceptional adhesion and filling properties, making them ideal for leveling surface imperfections and achieving a smooth finish. Its urethane formulation provides flexibility and resistance to UV rays, ensuring superior durability and color retention. Perfect for automotive restoration and custom projects.

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