ProSpray Clearcoats, Activators and Additives


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European technology clearcoats for exceptional performance durability, and DOI. Available for National Rule and Low VOC markets.

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ProSpray Clearcoats, Activators and Additives

ProSpray Clearcoat:

  • ProSpray Clear Coat provides a glossy and protective finish to a vehicle’s surface.
  • It adds depth and shine to the paint job, enhancing the appearance of the vehicle.
  • ProSpray offers high-solids urethane glamour clear coat and glamour clear coat

ProSpray Activators:

  • Activators are a crucial component in the automotive refinishing process, particularly for two-component (2K) systems.
  • ProSpray Activators are catalysts or hardeners that are mixed with the clearcoat or other coatings to initiate the curing process.
  • ProSpray offers different speeds to meet your project needs. This includes extra slow, slow, medium, and fast.

ProSpray Additives:

  • ProSpray additives will improve the application properties, appearance, and performance of the coatings.
  • ProSpray offers slow, medium, and fast thinners.

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ProSpray: 8700 Glamour Clear Coat (1 GAL), ProSpray: 8500 High Solids Urethane Clear Coat (1 GAL), ProSpray: ICA-799 Extra Slow Activator (2.5 Liters), ProSpray: ICA-800 Slow Activator (2.5 Liters), ProSpray: ICA-801 Medium Activator (2.5 Liters), ProSpray: ICA-802 Fast Activator (2.5 Liters), ProSpray: 8500 With Extra Slow Activator, ProSpray: 8500 With Slow Activator, ProSpray: 8500 With Medium Activator, ProSpray: 8500 With Fast Activator, ProSpray: 8700 With Extra Slow Activator, ProSpray: 8700 With Slow Activator, ProSpray: 8700 With Medium Activator, ProSpray: 8700 With Fast Activator, ProSpray: 1694 2K High Solids Slow Thinner (1 GAL), ProSpray: 1693 Medium Thinner (1 GAL), ProSpray: 1693 2K High Solids Medium Thinner (1 Quart), ProSpray: 1692 2K High Solids Fast Thinner (1 GAL)


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