Onwings A8831 3:1 Primer Surfacer and Hardener


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Onwings: A8831 3:1 Primer Surfacer is a super-performance, acrylic urethane primer that delivers excellent build and fast drying with superior sanding properties. Surfacer A8831 is approved for On-wings or on-waves repair systems.

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Onwings A8831 3:1 Primer Surfacer and Hardener

Achieve flawless surfaces and lasting durability with the Onwings A8831 3:1 Primer Surfacer and Hardener. Specifically formulated for automotive refinishing, this high-performance primer system provides exceptional adhesion, filling properties, and corrosion resistance.

Primer Surfacer: The Onwings A8831 Primer Surfacer delivers smooth, even coverage, filling in imperfections and creating a uniform base for topcoat application. Its advanced formulation ensures excellent adhesion to various substrates, including metal, fiberglass, and OEM finishes. With superior sanding properties, it allows for easy leveling and a seamless finish.

Hardener: The accompanying hardener is meticulously engineered to work perfectly with the primer surfacer, enhancing its curing properties and durability. Designed for optimal performance, the hardener accelerates drying times while providing a strong, resilient foundation for the topcoat.

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Onwings: A8831 3:1 Primer Surfacer (5 Liters), Onwings: 2K Hardener For A8831 – 3:1 (1 Liter)


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