JTAPE: 1.4 – 20MM X50M – Advanced Foam Tape


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Unlike standard foam tapes, JTAPE: Advanced Foam Tape is applied to the inner side of the door (the moving part of a vehicle), rather than the body; once closed the product can be adjusted into position.  Unlike standard tape, the adhesive is offset on the foam; this avoids paint and clear coat coming into contact with the adhesive, allowing a feathered finish, and preventing the build-up of hard edges.

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JTAPE: 1.4 – 20MM X50M – Advanced Foam Tape

JTAPE Advanced Foam Masking Tape is an innovative solution to standard, round, smooth-edge foam masking tapes. Advanced Foam Masking Tape is designed to mask all apertures to prevent overspray, providing a high-quality finish while saving time and money.


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