CYC Microfiber Rolls and Sheet


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Cycle through your cleaning tasks with ease using CYC Microfiber Rolls and Sheets. Our high-quality microfiber materials ensure superior absorption and gentle cleaning, making them ideal for a variety of surfaces. Whether you’re tackling household chores or professional cleaning projects, CYC Microfiber Rolls and Sheets offer durability and efficiency.

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CYC Microfiber Rolls and Sheet

CYC Microfiber Rolls and Sheet are used in industrial settings for tasks such as wiping down machinery, cleaning surfaces, or absorbing liquids. They can also be used in filtration systems to capture contaminants from air or liquids.

Microfiber materials are known for their ability to trap dirt, dust, and other particles effectively due to their fine fibers. They are commonly used in cleaning products like cloths, mops, and towels because they provide superior cleaning performance compared to traditional materials.




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CYC: White Non-Woven Microfiber Sheets (16″ X 16″) (50 wipes per bag), CYC: Blue Perforated Microfiber Roll – 180 GSM (12″ X 12″) (50 Sheets Per Roll), CYC: Grey Perforated Microfiber Roll – 260 GSM (12″ X 12″) (30 Sheets Per Roll)


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