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Harper has provided high-quality cleaning tools to professionals and homeowners since 1900. Harper offers a wide selection of quality cleaning tools for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Whether for general cleaning or to remove dirt, dust, wood shavings, mulch, gravel, or other debris.

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Harper: Brushes, Brooms And Tools

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Harper: 476 – Extra Large Angle Broom – Comes With Comfort Handle, Harper: 24″ Outdoor Rough Surface Broom (Orange), Harper: 24″ Economy Stiff Sweep Rough Wet/Dry Broom (Blue), Harper: 24″ Broom (Beige), Harper: 1 1/8″ X 72″ Wood Broom Handle With Metal Threaded Tip, Harper: Tri-Level 10” Nylex Wash Brush, Harper: 9” Broom, Harper: Broom Handle 1″ X 60″ Black Fiberglass With Treaded Plastic End, Harper: Jumbo Debris Pan, Harper: Snow Dominator, Harper: 36” Premium Soft Sweep Broom, Harper: 24″ Push Broom Head Speed Sweep – Palmyra Head – Red End, Harper: 24″ Stiff Complete Street Push Broom, Harper: 6″ Scraper For Brooms, Harper: 15/16″ X 48″ Wood Broom Handle With Metal Threaded Tip, Harper: Black Metal Broom Handle With Plastic Threads (15/16″ X 60″), Harper: 18″ Pusher Shovel, Harper: 36″ Double Edge Rubber Squeegee, Harper: Corn Wisk Broom (11 1/2″), Harper: Warehouse Heavy Duty Corn Broom (Black) 1 1/4″ X 36″, Harper: 36″ Silver Bristle Broom, Harper: 36″ Stiff Bristle Super Sweep, Harper: Corn Broom Professional, Harper: 4″ Round Wheel Brush – Pro Flo, Harper: 12” Broom, Harper: Big Blue – Heavy Duty 24″ Broom, Harper: Power Brace For Broom, Harper: 60” Fiberglass Pole, Harper: 24″ Joy Sweep Broom, Harper: 36″ Joy Sweep Broom, Harper: 24” Shopkeeper Broom, Harper: 42″ Fine Beige Sweep Broom, Harper: 1 1/8″ X 60″ Tapered Lacquered Wood Handle, Harper: 36″ Curved Squeegee, Harper: 18" Cornoette Brush, Harper: 14″ Premium Nylon Truck/Car Wash Brush, Harper: 36″ Fine Dust Broom, Harper: Silver Bristle – 24” Dust Broom, Harper: 1 1/8″ X 60″ Wood Broom Handle With Metal Threaded Tip, Harper: Nylex 10” Wash Brush, Harper: Lobby Dust Pan, Harper: Lobby Broom, Harper: Corn Broom Professional, Harper: 20″ Gong Brush, Harper: 12″ Straight Sweep Broom, Harper: Lobby Corn Broom, Harper: Syntheti Counter Duster Brush, Harper: Synth Fiber Lobby Broom, Harper: Metal Straight Floor Squeegee Connector, Harper: 24″ Snowplow With Handle & Brace, Harper: Metal Dust Pan, Harper: Economy Hot Sweep 24″, Harper: Eco Stiff Orange 18” Broom, Harper: 36″ Medium Brush Head, Harper: 18” ShopKeeper Broom, Harper: 8″ Wash Brush (Tan Bristle), Harper: Steel Squeegee Brace (For 25322 AND 25330 Squeegee), Harper: 18″ – 36″ Premium Steel Push Broom Brace, Harper: 42″ XL Broom Brace (Red), Ames: 1 1/8″ X 60″ Tapered Wood Broom Handle, Ames: 4047 – Giant Angle Broom – Comes With 48″ Handle


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