3M PPS Equipment


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3M PPS (Paint Preparation System) is a system designed for the efficient mixing and spraying of paints in automotive and industrial painting applications. It is a closed system that helps reduce solvent use, decrease the risk of contamination, and improve overall productivity in the painting process.

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3M PPS Equipment

Experience efficiency and precision like never before with 3M PPS (Paint Preparation System) Equipment. Revolutionize your painting process with innovative disposable liners, lids, and adapters designed for seamless mixing, filtering, and spraying. Enhance productivity, minimize waste, and achieve flawless results with 3M PPS Equipment – the choice of professionals worldwide.

Cups and Collars: The PPS system uses disposable liners and lids, which are available in various sizes to accommodate different paint volumes. These liners fit into reusable plastic cups, and disposable lids and collars secure the paint and prevent spills.

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3M: Mini Lids and Liners, 3M: Large Lids and Liners, 3M: PPS Mini Lids and Liners For Water, 3M: PPS Disposable Mini Lids, 3M: PPS Medium Disposable Lids, 3M: Large Cup and Collar (Price Per Cup), 3M: Medium Hard Cups With Collars (2 Per Box), 3M: Mini Lids and Liners – 200 Micron Filters (400 ML), 3M: PPS Standard Lids and Liners – 125 Microns (650 ML), 3M/Fuji: PPS 2.0 Set Lids and Liners For Fuji Spray Guns (13.5 OZ)


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