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Walcom is known for producing high-quality spray guns that are used for painting vehicles, furniture, and other surfaces. Walcom spray guns are designed to provide efficient and precise paint application. One of the notable products from Walcom is the Walcom Genesi Carbonio 360 Evo. This particular spray gun features the “Halo” air cap and is available with different nozzle sizes to suit various painting needs. The Halo air cap is designed to provide optimal atomization of the paint, resulting in a smooth and even finish.

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Walcom Spray Guns

Walcom Genesi Carbonio 360 Evo Halo Clear Spray Gun:

Genesi Carbonio 360 Evo is the evolution of the 360 light model, with an integrated air regulator on the air inlet and a digital pressure gauge connected directly to the spray gun body, it’s even lighter and easier to handle, ergonomics and comfort are combined with superlative performance. Genesi Carbonio 360 Evo does not require the use of protective plugs for the spray gun washer unlike the competition, just close the air inlet and it is immediately ready for washing. HTE technology has been certified for superior transfer efficiency by the UDRI laboratories resulting in top-quality performance. It’s available as a standard clear air cap to reproduce a final finish similar to the car’s original one and in the MP version for a “mirror-glass” effect result and finer atomizing.

Kombat Slim Spray Gun

The Kombat Slim Spray Gun is a revolutionary product due to its lightweight. Slim Kombat is incredibly light at 380 Grams. This product abandons the classic aluminum body and maintains an innovative magnesium body, injected with Kevlar fiber.

Unleash precision and performance with Walcom Spray Guns. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and precision craftsmanship, Walcom offers a comprehensive range of spray guns designed to meet the demands of automotive refinishing, industrial coatings, and DIY projects.



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Walcom Genesi Carbonio 360 Evo Halo Clear – 1.2 Nozzle, Walcom Genesi Carbonio 360 Evo Halo Clear – 1.2 Nozzle Set, Walcom Genesi Carbonio 360 Evo Halo Clear – 1.2 Nozzle With Internal Regulator, Digital Gauge and Hard Case, Walcom Genesi Carbonio 360 Evo Halo Clear – 1.3 Nozzle, Walcom Genesi Carbonio 360 Evo Halo Clear – 1.3 Nozzle Set, Walcom: Kombat Slim Spray Gun – 1.3 Nozzle With 680CC Cup, Gauge in Hard Case


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