Valspar Clear Coat, Reducers and Additives


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Valspar® Refinish is a market leader for premium-quality, low-cost automotive-refinish paints and coatings. The company’s goal is for every customer you serve to be impressed with every paint job and for your shop to be consistently profitable.

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Valspar Clear Coat, Reducers and Additives

  1. Clear Coat – Valspar Clear Coat provides outstanding application properties, durability, flow, leveling, and the ultimate in gloss and depth. This product will enhance the appearance of the underlying paint and protect against UV rays, weathering, and scratches.
  2. Reducers/Activators – Valspar Refinish uses a range of both multi-purpose and product-specific activators and reducers at a range of speeds to ensure you have the best product, regardless of your environment.
  3. Valspar® Refinish offers a range of solutions that will keep your shop productive while ensuring you achieve the best possible quality, job after job. Whether you need a primer, a primer sealer, or a primer surfacer, Valspar offers all the technologies and variations you need. The company’s state-of-the-art Colored Primer System gives you more color options than any primer in the world.
  4. Binders – Valspar Refinish offers multiple binder technologies to suit your needs. The Valspar Refinish Universal Intermix system means you can tint multiple binders with one set of tints, allowing you the flexibility of different binder systems without the cost or storage of multiple sets of mixing colors.

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Valspar: HP Extra Slow Reducer (1 GAL), Valspar: HP Slow Reducer (1 GAL), Valspar: HP Medium Reducer (1 GAL), Valspar: HP Fast Reducer (1 GAL), Valspar: Enamel Binder (1 GAL), Valspar: Epoxy Buff Primer (1 GAL), Valspar: Universal Fisheye Eliminator (16 OZ), Valspar: DTM GL Primer Gray (1 GAL), Valspar: Z9000 Speed Clear (1 GAL), Valspar: 999 Series ZBASE Binder (1 GAL), Valspar: MS Clear (1 GAL), Valspar: Alkyd Enamel Hardener (16 OZ), Valspar: DTM Activator (1 QT), Valspar: Epoxy Primer Activator – Fast (1 QT), Valspar: Slow Activator HPC0 (1 QT), Valspar: Medium Activator (1 QT) HPC1, Valspar: Fast Activator (1 QT) HPC2, Valspar: Activator Extra Fast (1 QT) HPC3, Valspar Activator 3:1 For 852 Series (1 QT) HPC0007, Valspar: CP2035 DTM Activator (1 QT), Valspar: Epoxy Primer Activator (1 QT), Valspar – Surface Cleaner (1 GAL), Valspar: Aquaclean Low Voc Waterbase (1 GAL), Valspar: 333K900 Basecoat Black (1 GAL), Valspar: 333 Series Basecoat Binder (1 GAL), Valspar: Polyurethane Binder 852 (1 GAL), Valspar: Polyurethane Binder 860 (1 GAL), Valspar: DTM Primer Base (1 GAL), Valspar: Universal Blending Solvent (1 QT), Valspar: Low Voc Solvent Base/Binder (1 GAL), Valspar: Plastic Cleaner (1 QT), Valspar: Plastic Adhesion Promoter (1 QT), Valspar: LVBM100 Reducer (1 GAL), Valspar: Effect Addictive (1 QT), Valspar: Binder (1 GAL), Valspar – Mid Coat Adhesion Promoter (1 GAL), Valspar: Plastic Adhesion Promoter (1 QT), Valspar: MS01 – Aluminum Mixing Stick (4:1:1-2/4:1:0-50%), Valspar: MSO3 – Aluminum Mixing Stick (2:1:1/1:1:0-25%), Valspar: DM1 – Aluminum Mixing Stick (1:1:0-25%/2:1:0-35%), Valspar: DM2 – Aluminum Mixing Stick (3:1:0-35%/4:1:0-35%), Valspar: DM3 – Aluminum Mixing Stick (5:1/6:1), VRB30: Base Coat Binder


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