USC Finishing Putties and Glazes


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USC offers a range of finishing putties and glazes that are commonly used in the automotive industry for filling imperfections, achieving smooth surfaces, and preparing the vehicle for painting.

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USC Finishing Putties and Glazes

Finishing Putties: USC’s finishing putties are used to fill small imperfections and surface defects on automotive panels. This includes minor scratches, pinholes, dents, or other irregularities. These putties are usually applied after the initial body filler has been used to address larger areas of damage. The finishing putties are typically formulated to have excellent adhesion, easy sanding properties, and minimal shrinkage, ensuring a smooth and level surface before painting.

Glazes: USC’s glazes are fine-textured, high-quality products that are used to achieve an ultra-smooth and glossy finish on the body surface. Glazes are applied after priming and any necessary sanding or bodywork. They help to further fill any remaining minor imperfections and provide a uniform surface for the paint to adhere to. Glazes are generally self-leveling and easy to apply. This makes them ideal for achieving a showroom-quality finish.

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