USC Clear Coats and Additives


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USC provides a wide range of automotive refinishing products. Some of the products they offer include clear coats, hardeners, activators, sealers, thinners, and various accessories.

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USC Clear Coats and Additives

Clear coats are transparent coatings applied over a base coat to provide a protective and glossy finish. USC Clear Coat will enhance the appearance of the underlying paint and protect it from UV rays, chemicals, and weathering. `

Hardeners and Activators are additives that are mixed with the paint or clear coat to accelerate the curing process. When USC Hardeners and Activators are mixed with the paint, they initiate a chemical reaction, causing the paint to harden and create a durable finish for your vehicle.

Sealers are used to create a smooth and uniform surface before applying the base coat or clear coat. USC Sealers help to fill in imperfections and create a solid foundation for the paint layers on your vehicle.

Thinners are solvents used to reduce the viscosity of automotive paints and coatings, making them easier to apply. They also aid in cleaning equipment after use. USC Thinners are a great addition to your paint preparation supplies.

Some of the USC accessories available at Ben-Ami Autocare that we have to offer are the USC Handy Mask and Painter Pails. USC masking paper with the dispenser provides our customers with efficient masking. The dispenser allows for quick and easy masking of areas that need protection during painting, such as windows, trims, edges, and other surfaces. It helps save time and ensures clean and precise masking lines.

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USC: 10 – 4:1 – Universal Urethane Clearcoat (1 GAL), USC: Activator Medium – For USC-10 Universal Urethane Clearcoat (1 QT), USC: Half Time With Hardener (1 GAL), USC: 2K – 4:1 Urethane Primer Surfacer – Gray (1 GAL), USC: Activator – For Urethane Primer Surfacer 2820 – Gray (1 QT), USC: 2K Urethane Sealer – Gray (1 GAL), USC: 18″ x 738′ – Zebra Hyde – White Masking Paper (2 Rolls), USC: Auto Body Plastic Thinner – “Honey” (16 OZ), USC: 1K Acrylic Primer – Gray (1 GAL), USC: Painters Pail – Mixing Cup (2.5 QT), USC: Urethane Reducer – Medium (5 GAL), USC: Long-N-Strong (1 GAL) With Hardener, USC – Handy Mask Refill Rolls Paper, USC Handy Mask 38081 Hand Masking Tape With Dispenser, USC: Wash Thinner – Economy Grade (1 GAL), USC: All Metal (1 QT), USC: Booth Coating (5 GAL), USC: Auto Body Plastic Thinner – “Honey” (16 OZ)


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