USC Autobody Fillers and Fiberglass Repair


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USC Autobody fillers, also known as body fillers or automotive putties, are used to repair dents, dings, and other surface imperfections on vehicle panels before painting.


USC Autobody Fillers and Fiberglass Repair

USC Autobody Fillers and Fiberglass Repair products deliver exceptional performance for all your automotive repair needs. Our autobody fillers provide excellent adhesion and easy sanding, ensuring a smooth, durable finish. The fiberglass repair products are perfect for reinforcing and repairing damaged panels, offering superior strength and longevity. Trusted by professionals, USC products are designed for both ease of use and top-quality results, making them ideal for any repair project.

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USC: Fuzion USC Filler, USC: AG47 Lite Weight Grip Filler (1 GAL), USC: WG55 White Gold Filler (1 GAL), USC: AU79 Advanced Lite Weight Filler (1 GAL), USC: Pro Gold Premium Filler (1 GAL), USC: Special Lite Body Filler (3 Liter), USC: Duraglass (1 GAL), USC: Duraglass (1 QT), USC: Eliminator HB Polyester Primer – Gray (1 GAL), USC: Pro-Glass (1 GAL), USC Fiberglass Resin (1 QT), USC Fiberglass Resin (1 GAL), USC: Fiberglass Cloth (8 FT), USC: Fiberglass Mat (32 FT), USC: Liquid Epoxy Hardener (2 OZ), USC: Blue Filler Hardener (4 OZ), USC: Red Hardener (4 OZ), U-Pol Liteweight Gold Body Filler (3 Liters), U-Pol: Fibral Lite Fiberglass Paste (3 Liters)


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