Tork Cleaning Clothes


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Tork offers task-based wiping, cleaning, polishing, and disinfecting wipes to handle every challenge. The wide offering of Tork wipes and cloths covers all your specific needs, from multipurpose industrial cleaning cloths to advanced heavy-duty wipes.

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Tork Cleaning Clothes 

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Tork Cleaning Clothes are perfect for working with sensitive applications like surface preparation before painting due to low-lint properties.
  • Tough cloth designed for use with industrial solvents.
  • Antistatic properties reduce the likelihood of static electrical discharge.

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Tork: Lint Free Blue Cleaning Clothes (9" X 16.5") (100 Count), Tork White Cleaning Clothes (12.5" X 13") (50 Count), Tork Lint Free White Cleaning Clothes (8.5" X 16") (100 Count)


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