ShineMate Cordless Polisher Bundles


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 These bundles include a powerful cordless polisher, designed for efficient paint correction, polishing, and finishing. Featuring a lightweight, ergonomic design, they ensure ease of use and reduced fatigue during extended sessions. Each bundle typically comes with multiple attachments, including different polishing pads and backing plates, to cater to various detailing needs. The cordless feature provides unmatched convenience, allowing for unrestricted movement and use in locations without easy access to power outlets.

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ShineMate Cordless Polisher Bundles

Introducing ShineMate Cordless Polisher Bundles, the ultimate solution for achieving professional-grade polishing results without the hassle of cords. Our bundles feature high-performance cordless polishers equipped with advanced technology to deliver outstanding polishing power and precision.

  • The brushless motor of the portable car polisher has great efficiency and a longer service life. Cordless polisher makes off-site jobs easier and gives freedom to roam. And it will not scratch paint since it is battery-powered.
  • Easy Manage Speed Dial & Ergonomics Design – The car buffer polisher has a progressive variable-speed trigger that acts as a throttle to operate within the selected speed range without having to interrupt polishing. The accelerator switch will give you a better experience of precise speed control. The soft grip hood helps you secure hold and polish in any angle and position with steady handling.
  • Double reduction gearing provides dual torque output and enables polishing with low speed and high torque when polished on heat-sensitive surfaces.
  • The polisher kit contains 2 pcs 18V DC Li-ion batteries, the high-capacity ShineMate batteries ensure long running time and safety use. Overload Current limiting prevents excessive current consumption under extreme overload, which can lead to a decrease in the motor speed. The motor restarts after the on/off switch trigger is released and re-pressed.

Experience the freedom of movement and convenience with our cordless polishers, allowing you to tackle automotive detailing tasks with ease and efficiency. Each bundle includes a selection of polishing pads, compounds, and accessories, ensuring you have everything you need to achieve a flawless finish.

Take your car detailing to the next level with ShineMate Cordless Polisher Bundles. Whether you’re a professional detailer or an enthusiast, our bundles provide the tools you need to achieve showroom-quality results every time.



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ShineMate Bundle: 90320 – EB351- 6" Cordless DA Polisher, ShineMate Bundle: 90520 – EB351- 5" Cordless DA Polisher, ShineMate Bundle: 90220 – EB251- 5" Rotary Cordless DA Polisher


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