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Rupes automotive polishers are popular among both professionals and car enthusiasts due to their performance, durability, and innovative features. They offer a range of polishing machines suitable for various applications, from paint correction and polishing to waxing and buffing


RUPES is a prominent Italian company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality automotive polishers and detailing equipment. The company is well-regarded in the automotive industry and is known for producing some of the best polishing machines available. Rupes continually improves its products by incorporating cutting-edge technologies and staying ahead in the detailing industry. Their dedication to research and development has earned them a strong reputation and a loyal customer base. Here at Ben-Ami Autocare, we have RUPES Polishers, Replacement Parts, and Accessories available for purchase.

The Rupes Big Foot Random Orbital Polishing System is an assembly of car polishers. This product line is specially formulated for polishing compounds and foam microfiber polishing pads. It provides effective use for the professional auto detailer and car hobbyist who commands an extraordinary finish. Rupes spent years perfecting this system by collecting information from users around the globe. To make sure every foam pad and polishing compound performed impeccably on all paint systems when used with the Big Foot Random Orbital Polishing System. The Rupes Big Foot Random Orbital Polishing System guarantees quicker paint correction than any other buffing and polishing system on the market without giving up the quality of the finish. This product is designed to reduce the risk of holograms and swirl marks while providing efficient and effective polishing results.

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LHR21ES Rupes: 6″ Electric Random Orbital Polisher, LHR21111 Rupes: 6″ Electric Random Orbital Polisher Rupes: 21 Polisher – Mark III STD Polisher, LHR75 Rupes: 3″ Mini Pneumatic Random Orbital Polisher, LHR75E Rupes: 3″ Mini Electric Random Orbital Polisher, LK900E Rupes: Big Foot Mille Gear Driven Polisher, LHR12E Rupes : Electric 5″ “Duetto” Random Orbital Polisher, LHR15111 Rupes: 5″ Electric Random Orbital Polisher, Rupes: 15 Polisher – MarkIII STD Polisher, LH19E Rupes Bigfoot Electric Rotary Polisher 5/8″ Thread – Single Tool, LHR15ES Rupes: 5″ Electric Random Orbital Polisher, LL150 Rupes: Paint Inspection Light – Swirl Finder Pen Light, Rupes: Electronic Module – LHR15 Mark II, Rupes: Bigfoot Triple Action Polisher 5" Plate – Single Tool, Rupes: Complete Upper Handle (All LHR15 And LHR21), Rupes: Rubber Shroud For- LHR15, Rupes: HLR75/STB3" iBRID Cordless Polisher (Includes 2 Batteries and Charger), Rupes: iBRID Nano Backing Plate – 2″ Velcro, Rupes: Replacement Carbon Brushes – BA215 (10 Pack), Rupes: Backing Plate 5″ For 12E Duetto, Rupes: Backing Plate For LHR15 (125MM/5), Rupes: Backing Plate For LHR21(150MM/6″), Rupes: Backing Plate – (150MM) Slim, Rupes: Backing Plate For LHR75 (75MM/3″), Rupes: Rotary Backing Plate – 125MM – 5″ Velcro With 5/8″ Female Thread, Rupes: Rotary Backing Plate – 165MM – 6.5″ Velcro With 5/8″ Female Thread, Rupes: Rotary Backing Plate – 150MM – 6″ Velcro With 5/8″ Female Thread, Rupes – 6″ Velcro Backing Plate With Holes


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