RUPES Polishers and Backing Plates


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RUPES polishers and backing plates are trusted by professionals worldwide for their reliability, performance, and innovative design. Whether you are a seasoned detailer or an enthusiast, RUPES products will help you achieve exceptional results with ease.


RUPES Polishers

RUPES polishers are high-quality tools designed for professional and enthusiast detailers alike. Known for their superior performance, ergonomic design, and innovative technology, RUPES polishers make the process of paint correction, polishing, and finishing efficient and effective.


  1. Innovative Technology: RUPES polishers incorporate advanced motor technology, ensuring consistent power delivery and smooth operation.
  2. Ergonomic Design: Lightweight and balanced, these polishers reduce user fatigue and increase productivity.
  3. Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of polishing tasks, from heavy cutting to fine finishing.
  4. Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials, RUPES polishers are designed to withstand rigorous use in professional settings.
  5. Safety Features: Includes features like electronic speed control and thermal overload protection for safe and reliable use.

Available Products:

  • BigFoot LHR 15ES: Known for its 15mm throw, this model is perfect for tackling large areas quickly and efficiently.
  • BigFoot LHR 21ES: With a 21mm throw, this polisher provides greater coverage per pass, which is ideal for professional detailers.
  • BigFoot Nano iBrid: A versatile tool that can be used in both rotary and random orbital modes, perfect for intricate and tight spaces.

RUPES Backing Plates

RUPES backing plates are essential accessories designed to complement RUPES polishers, enhancing their performance and providing a secure base for various polishing pads.


  1. Precision Engineering: Ensures a perfect fit with RUPES polishers, providing stability and reducing vibration.
  2. Durable Materials: Constructed from high-quality materials for longevity and consistent performance.
  3. Optimized for Heat Management: Designed to dissipate heat efficiently, preventing overheating during prolonged use.
  4. Versatile Compatibility: Available in various sizes to accommodate different polishing pads and detailing tasks.
  5. Quick Change System: Allows for easy and fast pad changes, maximizing efficiency during detailing projects.


  • Enhanced Polishing Performance: Provides a stable and secure base for pads, ensuring even pressure distribution and better polishing results.
  • Reduced Vibration: Minimizes user fatigue and increases comfort during use.
  • Easy Pad Changes: The quick change system allows for seamless transitions between different polishing pads, saving time and effort.


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LHR21ES Rupes: 6″ Electric Random Orbital Polisher, LHR21111 Rupes: 6″ Electric Random Orbital Polisher Rupes: 21 Polisher – Mark III STD Polisher, LHR75 Rupes: 3″ Mini Pneumatic Random Orbital Polisher, LHR75E Rupes: 3″ Mini Electric Random Orbital Polisher, LK900E Rupes: Big Foot Mille Gear Driven Polisher, LHR12E Rupes : Electric 5″ “Duetto” Random Orbital Polisher, LHR15111 Rupes: 5″ Electric Random Orbital Polisher, Rupes: 15 Polisher – MarkIII STD Polisher, LH19E Rupes Bigfoot Electric Rotary Polisher 5/8″ Thread – Single Tool, LHR15ES Rupes: 5″ Electric Random Orbital Polisher, LL150 Rupes: Paint Inspection Light – Swirl Finder Pen Light, Rupes: Electronic Module – LHR15 Mark II, Rupes: Bigfoot Triple Action Polisher 5" Plate – Single Tool, Rupes: Complete Upper Handle (All LHR15 And LHR21), Rupes: Rubber Shroud For- LHR15, Rupes: HLR75/STB3" iBRID Cordless Polisher (Includes 2 Batteries and Charger), Rupes: iBRID Nano Backing Plate – 2″ Velcro, Rupes: Replacement Carbon Brushes – BA215 (10 Pack), Rupes: Backing Plate 5″ For 12E Duetto, Rupes: Backing Plate For LHR15 (125MM/5), Rupes: Backing Plate For LHR21(150MM/6″), Rupes: Backing Plate – (150MM) Slim, Rupes: Backing Plate For LHR75 (75MM/3″), Rupes: Rotary Backing Plate – 125MM – 5″ Velcro With 5/8″ Female Thread, Rupes: Rotary Backing Plate – 165MM – 6.5″ Velcro With 5/8″ Female Thread, Rupes: Rotary Backing Plate – 150MM – 6″ Velcro With 5/8″ Female Thread, Rupes – 6″ Velcro Backing Plate With Holes


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