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Pro-Tek Spray Equipment is a company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying professional-grade spray equipment for various applications. They offer a range of products to make painting easier and more convenient for your autobody, paint, or detail shop.

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Pro-Tek: Spray Equipment

  • Spray Guns: Pro-Tek provides spray guns for various industries, such as automotive refinishing and industrial coating. These spray guns are designed to deliver precise and efficient spraying.
  • HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) Spray Systems: HVLP systems are used for applying paint and other coatings with reduced overspray and environmental impact. Pro-Tek manufactures HVLP spray systems for different purposes.
  • Pro-Tek Gravity Feed Cups –  Gravity feed cups are designed to work with gravity, allowing the paint or coating to flow down into the spray gun without the need for excessive air pressure. This design reduces overspray and waste while providing more precise control over the application.
  • Accessories: They also offer various accessories and replacement parts for their spray equipment, such as hoses, tips, needles, nozzles, and filters.

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Pro-Tek: 4000 HVLP-GH Spray Gun 1.3 (With 8860 Cup), Pro-Tek: 1.2 Mini HVLP Gun With Aluminum Cup (7640), Pro-Tek: 1.0 Mini HVLP Gun – 2560 With Aluminum Cup (7640), Pro-Tek: 4000 HVLP Spray Gun 1.4 (With 8860 Cup), Pro-Tek: 1.0 Mini HVLP Gun – 2550 With Aluminum Cup, Pro-Tek: Undercoating Gun, Pro-Tek: 4520 XRP 1.3 Gravity Spray Gun (With 8800 Cup), Pro-Tek: 4510 XRP 1.7 Gravity Spray Gun (With 8800 Cup), Pro-Tek: 4510 HVLP 1.3 Gravity Spray Gun With (With 8860 Cup), Pro-Tek: 4510HV – 1.4 MM HVLP Spray Gun (With 8860 Cup), Pro-Tek: 4010 HVLP 2.0 Gravity Spray Gun (With 8860 Cup), Pro-Tek: 4500 – 2.5MM Needle And Nozzle, Pro-Tek: Air Dry Gun For Waterbase Paint, Pro-Tek: Air Control Unit Regulator Single Outlet, Pro-Tek: Portable Lamp Unit 1500W, Pro-Tek: 5 Gallon Dispenser, Pro-Tek: 18″ Heavy Duty Portable Masking Machine, Pro-Tek: 8860 Gravity Feed Cup (600 ML), Pro-Tek: 8800 Gravity Feed Cup (1000 ML), Pro-Tek: Adjustable Wall Mount Rack, Pro-Tek: Baffle Ring For 4500 Spray Gun, Pro-Tek: Gravity Feed 3.0MM, Pro-Tek: Deluxe Portable 18″ Masking Machine On Wheels (2 Roll Capacity)


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