Polikor 122 (1 GAL)


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Polikor 122 Polyester Lightweight Filler is an unsaturated polyester resin-based, semi-flexible, liquid lightweight body filler that has excellent adhesion on all surfaces including galvanized steel with easy application, self-leveling, no pinholes, and easy sanding.

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Polikor 122 (1 GAL)

Polikor 122 Polyester Lightweight Filler forms a smooth, pinhole-free surface without any crack or shrinkage thanks to its self-leveling structure. Polikor 122 Polyester Lightweight Filler can be applied on bare metal including aluminium, galvanized steel, wood, SMC, FRP as well as old painted surfaces.

Experience professional-grade performance. This advanced filler offers exceptional adhesion and easy application, making it ideal for automotive repairs and other applications. Its lightweight formula provides excellent sanding properties, allowing for seamless blending and finishing. Achieve smooth, durable results. Shop now for superior quality and performance


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