Motor Guard Sanding Blocks and Cutting Discs


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From sanding to cutting to measuring to painting, Motor Guard offers a complete line of unique refinishing accessories.

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Motor Guard Sanding Blocks and Cutting Discs

Sanding Blocks: Motor Guard’s sanding blocks are designed to provide a stable and comfortable platform for sandpaper. Sanding blocks are used in automotive bodywork and painting to sand down surfaces, remove paint, smooth out imperfections, and prepare surfaces for painting or other finishing processes. They ensure consistent pressure and help prevent uneven sanding.

Cut Discs: Cut discs, also known as cutting wheels or abrasive discs, are used with power tools like angle grinders or rotary tools to cut through metal, plastic, or other materials. Cut discs can be useful for tasks such as removing rusted bolts, cutting metal panels, or modifying parts. These discs come in various sizes and abrasive materials to suit different cutting needs.

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Motor Guard: 12″ Big Block Maximum Sanding Block, Motor Guard: Wonder Block WB-1, Motor Guard: Soft Blocks GR/BL (3 Pack) Sandpaper, Motor Guard: Holy Terror Sanding Block (2 Pack), Motor Guard: 3” X .040 X 3/8 Magna-Cutter Disk For Aluminum (5 Pack), Motor Guard: Flexible Sanding Block


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