Intertroton Body Filler and Finishing Glaze


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Troton is a leader in body filler technology and manufacturing chemical products designed for repainting and conservation in the automotive, marine, and industrial branches. They have been present in the automotive market for 45 years, with business partners all over the world, exporting to over 70 countries.

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Intertroton Body Filler and Finishing Glaze 

Intertroton Body Filler and Finishing Glaze represent the pinnacle of automotive surface repair solutions. Engineered with advanced technology and superior-quality materials, our body filler seamlessly fills in imperfections, providing a smooth and durable foundation for your paint job. Meanwhile, our finishing glaze ensures a flawless finish, effortlessly blending with the surrounding surface for a professional-grade result. Trust Intertroton for premium performance and lasting perfection in every repair project.

Body Filler

  • Purpose: Body filler is used to fill in dents, dings, and other imperfections on a vehicle’s body.
  • Application: It is typically applied to metal or fiberglass surfaces after the damaged area has been prepared, such as cleaned and sanded.
  • Composition: Intertorton body filler is a mixture of polyester resin and filler material like talc or fiberglass.

Finishing Glaze

  • Purpose: Finishing glaze is a smoother and finer product compared to body filler. It is used for final touches to achieve a smooth and seamless surface.
  • Application: Applied over body filler or existing paint, finishing glaze helps in achieving a level surface and filling any minor imperfections.
  • Composition: It is made of lightweight materials, and some formulations may include additives for better adhesion and sanding properties.

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Intertroton: Body Filler Easy Grip – Polyester Body Filler (3 Liters), Intertroton: Fiber Glass Polyester Body Filler (3 Liters), Intertroton: Ultra-Lite – Polyester Body Filler (1 Liter), Intertroton: Ultra Finishing Glaze with Hardener (450 ML/20 OZ Bag)


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