IES Accessories and Replacement Parts


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IES: Accessories And Replacement Parts include spray gun cartridges, welding blankets, and sound-deadening pads.

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IES Accessories and Replacement Parts

Discover a wide range of IES Accessories and Replacement Parts designed to enhance and maintain the performance of your equipment. Our selection includes high-quality, durable components that ensure your tools and machinery operate at their best. Whether you need replacements for worn-out parts or accessories to upgrade your system, IES offers reliable solutions tailored to your needs. Trust IES for exceptional quality, compatibility, and performance in all your accessory and replacement part requirements

IES: Dual Cartridge Gun: IES Dual Cartridge Guns are a dispensing tool or applicator designed for use with dual cartridges of adhesives, sealants, epoxies, or similar materials.

Key features of an IES Dual Cartridge Gun include:

  1.  Compatibility: These guns are designed to hold and dispense two separate cartridges simultaneously. Each cartridge typically contains a different component of a two-part adhesive or sealant. They are versatile tools designed to work with a wide range of two-component materials, including epoxies, adhesives, sealants, and more.
  2. Mixing Nozzles: IES Dual Cartridge Guns often come with mixing nozzles that ensure thorough mixing of the two components before dispensing. Mixing is crucial for the proper performance of many two-component materials.
  3. Precision Control: They are equipped with a trigger or plunger mechanism that allows for precise control of the flow rate and dispensing volume.
  4. Easy Loading: These guns typically have a quick and easy cartridge loading mechanism, making it convenient to replace cartridges when they are empty.

IES Welding Blanket: IES Welding Blanket is a protective tool used in welding and metalworking to safeguard against sparks, splatter, and high temperatures. This product can withstand a heat resistance of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

IES Sound-Deadening Pads: IES Sound-Deadening Pads are used to absorb or block sound waves, reducing the transmission of noise from one area to another. This product can be installed in walls, ceilings, floors, machinery, or HVAC systems to create quieter environments.

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IES: Mini-Intermix Dual Gun For 50 ML Cartridge, IES: Newborn Manual Dual Cartridge Gun (Model 520), IES: 1/4″ X 20" – Square Static Mixer (White) For Use With – 50ML/8449, 8485, 8642 (10 Pack), IES: Welding Blanket 5′ X 10′ X 1/4” Thick – Fiberglass Yarn- Withstands 1000 Fahrenheit, IES: 4″ Super Eraser Wheel W/ Mandral, IES: Economy Spray Gun For (Euro Thread), IES: Sound Deadening Pads 12 X 12 (10 Pack), IES: Adjustable Syphon Spray Gun & Can, IES: Economy Spray Gun For (US Thread) (For 1695 Inter Wax, Bed-Liner, ETC), IES: Inter-Mat Extreme (6″ X 31.5′) (45 ML), IES: Sprayable Seam Sealer Gun For IES 1588, IES: Dual Comp Gun (26.1) 200 ML Dual Cartridge Gun (For 8422 & 8430), IES: 5′ X 7′ – Slag Buster Spark Blank


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