House of Kolor Paint Catalysts


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House of Kolor offers a range of paint catalysts that are essential for the optimal performance and durability of their automotive paints. These catalysts are specifically designed to work with various House of Kolor paint products, ensuring proper curing, improved hardness, and enhanced gloss.


House of Kolor Paint Catalysts

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KU150 Catalyst:

  • Use: General purpose catalyst for most House of Kolor basecoats and clearcoats.
  • Benefits: Provides a fast curing time, excellent hardness, and high gloss finish. It is suitable for both small repairs and complete paint jobs.
  • Mix Ratio: Typically 4:1 with the corresponding paint product.

KU152 Catalyst:

  • Use: Ideal for higher temperature conditions.
  • Benefits: Offers a slower curing time, making it easier to work in hot environments without compromising the quality of the finish. Provides excellent flow and leveling.
  • Mix Ratio: Usually 4:1 with the appropriate paint product.

KU100 Catalyst:

    • Use: Designed for House of Kolor urethane and polyurethane products.
    • Benefits: Ensures maximum durability and resistance to chemicals and weathering. It is perfect for high-performance applications.
    • Mix Ratio: Often 4:1, but specific ratios can vary depending on the paint system.

KU200 Catalyst

  • Use: Suited for specialty topcoats and custom finishes.
  • Benefits: Provides a balance between fast curing and workable time, allowing for detailed custom work while ensuring a durable and glossy finish.
  • Mix Ratio: Commonly 4:1, but specific product directions should be followed.

These catalysts are an integral part of the House of Kolor paint systems, designed to deliver outstanding finishes for automotive and custom paint applications.

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House Of Kolor: Urethane Enamel Catalyst (1 Pint), House Of Kolor: Urethane Enamel Catalyst (1 QT), House Of Kolor: Catalyst – For: USC01/URC01/SS01/UKK01 (1/2 Pint), House Of Kolor: Catalyst – For: USC01/URC01/SS01/UKK01 (1 QT), House Of Kolor: Striping Catalyst – Pint, House of Kolor: 2:1 Fast Catalyst (1 QT), House Of Kolor: 2:1 Medium Catalyst (1 QT), House Of Kolor: 2:1 Slow Catalyst (1 QT)


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