GUNIWHEEL Wheels and Spacers


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GUNIWHEEL™ is a needed solution for collision shops, automotive dealerships, tire stores, marine, and any other business that routinely has tires and wheels off of the vehicle. It is also an ideal solution for long-term automotive and marine vehicle storage facilities.




GUNIWHEEL Wheels and Spacers

  • Universal fit for most cars light SUVs, and crossovers.

  • Increased offset to 94 mm – N0 Spacers Needed For Big Brakes

  • Added 6 mm metal backplate for strength at lug area

  • Made of thicker steel for more durability needed in heavy-use shop environments.

  • Made of steel, holds 3,500lbs per wheel

  • Added 4×98 and 5×98 PCD fitments

  • Collision Shops – Free up work bays when wheels are missing or out for repair.

  • Restoration & Custom Builds – Use as rollers to keep vehicles safely mounted to the wheel hub

  • Towing & Recovery – Use on flatbeds for stolen wheels or flat jobs.

  • Wheel Repair – Eliminate vehicle damage caused by unstable or poorly positioned jack stands.

  • Storage – Eliminate flat spots and dry rot for trailers, campers, and stored vehicles.

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GUNIWHEEL: 45 – Solid Wheel (standard cars and light SUV’s with 4 or 5 bolt patterns and a max center hub of 76 mm), GUNIWHEEL: 56 – Solid Wheel (trucks and large SUV’s with 5 or 6 bolt patterns and a max center hub of 110 mm), GUNIWHEEL: 80 – Solid Wheel (large trucks with 8 lug patterns and a max center hub of 140 mm), GUNIWHEEL: 45 – 8MM Spacer (provide clearance for assemblies with oversized brake calipers. For use with 45 – Depth 8mm, GUNIWHEEL: 56 – 6MM Spacer (provide clearance for assemblies with over-sized brake calipers. For use with 56 – Depth 6 mm), GUNIWHEEL: M15 X 6MM Washer (6 Pack)


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