GUNIWHEEL Wheels and Spacers


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GUNIWHEEL Wheels and Spacers offer innovative solutions for vehicle maintenance and transportation. The GUNIWHEEL is a universal, temporary spare wheel designed to fit most passenger vehicles and light trucks, allowing for safe and easy mobility during tire changes or repairs. Paired with precision-engineered spacers, GUNIWHEEL ensures a secure fit and optimal performance. These durable, high-quality products are essential for mechanics, body shops, and anyone needing a reliable temporary wheel solution.




GUNIWHEEL Wheels and Spacers:

GUNIWHEEL Wheels and Spacers provide innovative solutions for automotive maintenance and repair. The GUNIWHEEL is a universal vehicle and trailer wheel designed to fit most 4, 5, and 6 lug patterns, offering a versatile and secure option for vehicle mobility during repairs. Crafted from high-quality materials, it ensures durability and safety, allowing vehicles to be easily moved in shops or garages. Paired with GUNISPACER, these products provide the perfect fit and balance, making tire and wheel changes efficient and hassle-free. Ideal for professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts alike, this product is an essential tool for any automotive toolkit.

Key Features:

  • Easy to mount, safe for all wheel hub locations
  • This design frees up workspace around the wheel hub
  • Stack neatly on racks and stands—no need for multiple spare wheel/tire sets

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Product Options

GUNIWHEEL: 45 – Solid Wheel (standard cars and light SUV’s with 4 or 5 bolt patterns and a max center hub of 76 mm), GUNIWHEEL: 56 – Solid Wheel (trucks and large SUV’s with 5 or 6 bolt patterns and a max center hub of 110 mm), GUNIWHEEL: 80 – Solid Wheel (large trucks with 8 lug patterns and a max center hub of 140 mm), GUNIWHEEL: 45 – 8MM Spacer (provide clearance for assemblies with oversized brake calipers. For use with 45 – Depth 8mm, GUNIWHEEL: 56 – 6MM Spacer (provide clearance for assemblies with over-sized brake calipers. For use with 56 – Depth 6 mm), GUNIWHEEL: M15 X 6MM Washer (6 Pack)


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