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Whether you’re performing a complete paint job or a minor repair, GTi Clear Coat, Primers, and Hardeners provide the quality and performance you need for exceptional results. Trust in GTi for all your automotive refinishing needs and experience the difference in every detail.

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GTi Clear Coat and Hardeners are engineered to provide exceptional clarity, protection, and longevity for automotive refinishing projects. Trusted by professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, these products ensure a flawless, high-gloss finish that enhances the appearance and durability of your vehicle’s paintwork.

Key Features:

  • High-Gloss Finish: GTi Clear Coat delivers a stunning, mirror-like gloss that enhances the depth and clarity of the underlying paint.
  • Superior Protection: Forms a tough, protective barrier against UV rays, chemicals, and environmental damage, ensuring your vehicle’s finish remains vibrant and intact.
  • Easy Application: Designed for smooth and even application with excellent flow and leveling properties, reducing the risk of runs and sags.
  • Fast Drying: The quick-drying formula reduces downtime and allows for faster project completion, improving productivity.
  • Durable Performance: Resistant to scratches, chips, and fading, maintaining the integrity of the finish over time.

GTi Hardeners:

  • Optimized Curing: Enhances the curing process of the clear coat, ensuring a hard, durable finish that withstands wear and tear.
  • Improved Adhesion: Promotes excellent adhesion between the clear coat and the underlying paint, ensuring a long-lasting bond.
  • Versatile Use: Compatible with various GTi clear coats, primers, and paint systems, providing flexibility for different applications.
  • Consistent Results: Ensures consistent, high-quality results with every use, enhancing the overall appearance and protection of your vehicle’s finish.

Why Choose GTi Clear Coat and Hardeners?

  • Professional-Grade Quality: Trusted by automotive professionals for their superior performance and reliability.
  • Enhanced Protection: Provides robust protection against environmental factors, keeping your vehicle’s finish looking its best.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly formulas make application straightforward, whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast.
  • Long-Lasting Results: A durable finish ensures your vehicle’s paintwork remains pristine and protected for years to come.
  • Excellent Customer Support: Dedicated technical support and customer service to help you achieve the best results.

Our Product Range:

  • GTi Clear Coat: High-gloss, a durable clear coat for a stunning finish.
  • GTi Hardeners: Optimized hardeners to enhance the curing and durability of the clear coat.

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GTi: High Solids Clear Coat – 2:1 (5 Liter), GTi: High Solids Hardener – Slow (2.5 Liter), GTi: High Solids Hardener – Medium (2.5 Liter)


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