GTI Body Filler, Primer and Clear Coat


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GTI, which stands for “Global Tools International,” is a company that specializes in automotive refinishing and collision repair products. They offer a range of products used in the automotive refinishing process, including fillers, primers, and activators. These products are commonly used in the repair and repainting of vehicles.

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GTI Body Filler, Primer, and Clear Coat

Fillers: GTI Fillers are used to repair and smooth out imperfections in a vehicle’s body, such as dents, dings, and scratches. They are typically applied to the damaged area and then sanded down to create a smooth and even surface for painting. Fillers can be made from various materials, including polyester, epoxy, or fiberglass, depending on the specific repair needs.

Primers: GTI Primers are coatings applied to the surface of the vehicle after using fillers. They serve several important functions in the automotive refinishing process:

  • Adhesion: Primers help paint adhere better to the surface, ensuring long-lasting and durable results.
  • Corrosion Protection: They provide a barrier against rust and corrosion, especially on bare metal areas.
  • Surface Preparation: Primers create a uniform surface for the topcoat, ensuring the paint adheres evenly and provides a smooth finish.
  • Color Matching: Some primers are available in various shades to assist in achieving an accurate color match.

Activators: GTI Activators, are often used in combination with automotive paints and primers, to help catalyze or accelerate the curing process. They are necessary for certain types of automotive coatings that require a chemical reaction to harden and provide a durable finish. The choice of activator depends on the specific paint system being used and environmental conditions.

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GTI: 2K Primer High Build – DTM – Black – 4:1 (1 GAL), GTI: 2K Primer High Build – DTM – White – 4:1 (1 GAL), GTI: 2K Primer High Build – DTM – Gray – 4:1 (1 GAL), GTI: High Solids Clear Coat – 2:1 (5 Liter) Use 411 2.5 Liter Hardener, GTI: High Solids Hardener – Slow (2.5 Liter), GTI: High Solids Hardener – Medium (2.5 Liter), GTI: 2K Primer Activator – Fast (1 Liter), GTI: 2K Primer Activator – Medium (1 Liter), GTI: 2K Primer Activator – Slow (1 Liter), GTI: Ultralight Body Filler (1 GAL), GTI: Ultrafill Body Filler (1 GAL), GTI: Polyester Primer Filler (1 GAL), GTI: Fiberglass Filler (1 GAL), GTI: Polyester Primer Filler – Gray (1 GAL)


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