E-Z Mix Paint Supplies and Accessories


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E-Z Mix is a brand that specializes in automotive refinishing and detailing products, primarily used in the automotive repair and customization industry. They offer a range of products designed to make various automotive tasks more efficient and convenient. E-Z Mix products are commonly used in auto body shops, collision repair centers, and automotive enthusiasts who want to achieve professional results when working on their vehicles. The brand is recognized for its commitment to quality and ease of use in the automotive refinishing industry.


E-Z Mix Paint Supplies and Accessories

E-Z Mix Paint Supplies and Accessories offers a comprehensive range of products to streamline your painting process. From mixing cups to paint strainers, our high-quality accessories ensure precise measurements and smooth application. Perfect for automotive, industrial, and DIY projects. Explore our collection now for efficient and professional results

Stir Sticks: E-Z Mix produces stir sticks or paddles for mixing paints and coatings thoroughly. These sticks are usually disposable and come in various sizes to accommodate different container sizes and mixing needs.

Touch-up Bottles: E-Z Mix offers touch-up bottles that allow for the precise application of small amounts of paint for touch-up work or detailing.

Spreaders: E-Z Mix Spreaders are specialized tools in the automotive refinishing and detailing industry. These spreaders are designed for applying body fillers, putties, and other similar materials during the repair and restoration of vehicles. They help ensure a smooth and even application of these materials, crucial for achieving high-quality repairs and finishes.

Touch-Up Brushes: E-Z Mix Touch-Up Brushes are specialized brushes designed for precision paint application and touch-up work in automotive refinishing and detailing. These brushes are particularly useful when you need to apply small amounts of paint to repair minor imperfections, scratches, or blemishes on a vehicle’s surface.

Spray-Out Cards: E-Z Mix Spray-Out Cards are tools used in the automotive refinishing industry to test and compare paint colors and finishes. These cards are designed to help professionals and enthusiasts accurately evaluate and match paint colors, ensuring that the final paint job on a vehicle closely matches the desired color and finish.

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E-Z Mix: 4” Spreader (Yellow), E-Z Mix: 5” Spreader (Yellow), E-Z Mix: 6” Spreader (Yellow), E-Z Mix: Mini Touch Up Brushes (100 Count), E-Z Mix: 25 Magnetic Spray Cards With Holder Kit, E-Z Mix: Plastic Paint Mix Sticks / With Holes – White (100 Count), E-Z Mix: Touch-Up Bottles With Measurements (50 Count), E-Z Mix: Touch-N-Go Precession Applicator Kit, E-Z Mix: Touch Up Brushes (36 Count), E-Z Mix: Plastic Razor Blades (100 Per Box), E-Z Mix: Plastic Quart Cans With Lid (48 Count), E-Z Mix: Easy Dabber (40 Count), E-Z Mix: Color Match/Spray Out Card (250 Count), E-Z Mix: Magnetic Sprayout Cards (25 Count), E-Z Mix: 12" Plastic Mixing Sticks / Solid – Grey (100 Count)


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