Dominion Primers, Fillers, Paint and Clear Coat


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Dominion aerosol products are commonly used for various applications, such as touch-up painting, spot repairs, seam sealing, rust protection, and more. They provide convenience and ease of use for both professional auto body shops and DIY enthusiasts.

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Dominion Primers, Fillers, Paint And Clear Coat

Dominion Sure Seal Aerosols may include a range of products designed to address different automotive repair and refinishing needs, such as:

  1. Automotive Paint Aerosols: These aerosols typically contain pre-mixed automotive paint colors in a convenient spray can format, used for touch-ups and small repair jobs.
  2. Seam Sealant Aerosols: Seam sealants in aerosol form can be applied easily to seal gaps, joints, and seams to prevent water and debris from entering and protect against corrosion.
  3. Rust Protection Aerosols: Aerosol-based rust protection products can be sprayed directly onto vulnerable areas of the vehicle to inhibit rust formation and corrosion.
  4. Adhesive and Coating Aerosols: Dominion Sure Seal might also offer aerosol adhesives and coatings suitable for automotive applications, such as panel bonding or undercoating.

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Dominion: Copper Weld Thru Primer (UP#11) (14.46 OZ), Dominion: One Step Self Etch Primer – Black UP#8 (15 OZ), Dominion: Super Acid Etch Primer UP#8 (15 OZ), Dominion: EZ Liner – Bedliner (16.5 OZ ), Dominion: 1K Sure Seal Grey High Build Primer/Filler UP#5 (16 OZ), Dominion: UV Protective Clear Coat UP#1 (12 OZ), Dominion: Spray Gun Paint Remover (15 OZ), Dominion: Trim Black – Flat Black UP#11 (15 OZ), Dominion: Fast Dry Paintable Black Undercoating (14.3 OZ), Dominion: Gravel Guard – Black (17.7 OZ), Dominion: Plastic Adhesion Promoter UP#4 (16.9 OZ), Dominion: Zinc Weld Thru Primer UP#11 (14.46 OZ), Dominion: Spray Gun Paint Remover (15 OZ)


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