DeVilbiss Autobody Tools And Equipment


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DeVilbiss Automotive Refinishing Brand has continued to maintain its commitment to innovative technology. Using the same type of tools used to develop NASCAR combustion engines, combined with their state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery, they have continued to develop advanced spray gun technology for the automotive refinishing market. DeVilbiss autobody tools and equipment provide excellent atomization of high-solid materials producing glass-like finishes. DeVilbiss equipment is optimized to eliminate mottling and striping with metallic basecoats and delivers an ideal color match.


DeVilbiss Autobody Tools And Equipment

DeKups Hard Cups: These are reusable, durable cups made from high-quality materials such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. They come in various sizes to accommodate different paint volumes, typically ranging from 9 ounces to 34 ounces. The hard cups are designed to withstand the rigors of paint application and can be easily cleaned for reuse.

Lids: The lids for DeKups Hard Cups are an essential component of the system. They serve multiple purposes:

    • Sealing: Lids help seal the paint cup to prevent contamination and to keep the paint from drying out.
    • Mixing: Some lids have built-in paint filters and integrated mixing grids to ensure proper paint mixing before spraying.
    • Storage: Lids also provide a convenient way to store paint between painting sessions

Spray Guns: DeVilbiss Spray Guns are known for their precision, durability, and performance. Here are some popular models:

DeVilbiss GTi Pro Lite: This is one of DeVilbiss’s flagship spray guns and is widely used in the automotive industry for painting cars and other vehicles. It offers excellent atomization and a variety of nozzle sizes for different coating materials.

DeVilbiss FLG-4: is a cost-effective spray gun suitable for both automotive and industrial applications. It comes in various configurations to suit different types of coatings and finishes.

DeVilbiss StartingLine: This is an entry-level spray gun kit designed for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts. It’s often used for painting smaller projects and comes with multiple nozzle sizes.

DeVilbiss Compact HVLP: This is a lightweight and compact high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) spray gun that’s known for its efficiency in reducing overspray and material wastage.

DeVilbiss Tekna: The Tekna series includes a range of advanced spray guns known for their advanced atomization technology, making them suitable for high-end automotive and industrial painting.

Micron filters:  These filters play a crucial role in maintaining the quality of compressed air used in spray painting applications. They help remove contaminants, such as dirt, oil, moisture, and particles, from the compressed air stream to ensure a clean and consistent supply of air to the spray gun. DeVilbiss micron filters are designed to meet the specific needs of spray painters and finishing professionals.


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DeVilbiss: 9 Ounce Disposable Cups With Lids, DeVilbiss: Starter Kit DeKups, DeVilbiss: DeKups 34 Ounce Large Hard Cup And Collar (2 Per Box), DeVilbiss: DeKups 24 Ounce Medium Hard Cup And Collar (2 Per Box), DeVilbiss: DeKups 9 Ounce Small Hard Cup And Color (2 Per Box), DeVilbiss: 34 Ounce Disposable Cups With Lids, DeVilbiss: 24 Ounce Disposable Cups With Lids, DeVilbiss: Basecoat Tekna Gun, DeVilbiss: Start Line Primer Gun, DeVilbiss: Value Gun Kit – Includes 1.3/1.5/1.8 Gun Tips, DeVilbiss: DV1 Clearcoat Spray Gun Gauged 1.2, DeVilbiss: Tekna Clearcoat Gun, DeVilbiss: Tekna PROlite Spray Gun, DeVilbiss: QC3 Filter Unit – Humidity Indicator, DeVilbiss: Fluid Tip Seal Kit, DeVilbiss: Desiccant #5, DevilBliss: 1/4 QD Stem F, DeVilbiss: Cup Disk Filter 200 Micron – For 24/34 Ounces, DeVilbiss: Coarse Filters, DeVilbiss: QC3 Air Filter And Dryer Unit, DeVilbiss: Water Filter, DeVilbiss: 6″ O Ring For CT-30, DeVilbiss: 2 Stage Filter System With Regulators, DeVilbiss: Camair – PD30 Petcock Drain, DeVilbiss – Desiccant Snake DS20, DeVilbiss: Sata QCC Full Size Adapter For DeVilbiss, DeVilbiss: Very Fine Paint Filters – 10 Pack, DeVilbiss: Pre-Filter / Fine – Color & Clear (10 Pack), DeVilbiss: Adapter For Sata NR Iwata, DeVilbiss: 24 Ounce Measuring Guide – 10 Pack, DeVilbiss: 24 Ounce Measuring Guide – 10 Pack, DeVilbiss: Dewipe – Outs Prep Wipes (50 Count), DeVilbiss: Desiccant Portable Drying Cartridge, DeVilbiss: Replacement Gravity Cup And Lid – 600CC, DeVilbiss: Desiccant Cartridge Dryer (CT30), DeVilbiss: 160 LB Air ADJ Valve And Gauge Plus, DeVilbiss: Digital Gauge With Air Adjustment Valve, DeVilbiss: Camair Desiccant Replacement Cartridge (Gray Bag), DeVilbiss: Air ADJ Valve Gauge, DeVilbiss: FinishLine 120CFM Air Control, DeVilbiss: Element & O Ring Kit For Water Separator, DeVilbiss: Baffle Kit, DeVilbiss: Coalescer Element For Water Separator, DeVilbiss: Acetal Gravity Feed Cup, Devilbiss: Fluid Tip Seal Kit, DeVilbiss: Magnet Assembly, DeVilbiss: Paint Gun Adapter – For Spray Gun SKU: 803420, DeVilbiss: Very Fine Pearl Filters, DeVilbiss: HAF28 Filter Element For DAD-500 HAF-50, DeVilbiss: Dessicant Charge Beads, DeVilbiss: Coalescing Filter, DeVilbiss: Regulator Assembly, DeVilbiss: 125 Micron Disk Filter For 24/34 Ounces, DeVilbiss: 9 Ounces Measuring Guide (10 Pack), DeVilbiss: 24 Ounce Measuring Guide (10 Pack), DeVilbiss: DeKups Adapter – For Sata NR2000 & RP


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