Archemya Reducers and Additives


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Catamount Coatings creates customized, high-quality products with input from highly skilled automotive technicians. Their expert team understands your needs and creates effective solutions designed to achieve the best results in the booth. Their products are specifically designed to exceed your expectations.

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Archemya Reducers and Additives 

Enhance your coatings with Archemya Reducers and Additives. Our premium formulations are designed to optimize paint viscosity, improve flow, and enhance performance. Whether you need to adjust drying times, increase gloss, or improve adhesion, Archemya offers a comprehensive range of additives to meet your specific requirements. Trust in Archemya for superior quality and reliability in every application, ensuring impeccable results with every coat. Elevate your painting experience with Archemya Reducers and Additives.

Archemya Reducers – Archemya reducers are products that help improve the flow and leveling of coatings, such as primers, sealers, and clear coats

Archemya Wax and Grease Removers – Manufactured to eliminate effortlessly all wax, grease, and mold from your vehicle. In addition, this product will assist in the preparation of the surface you’re coating.

Archemya EZ Flow Adhesion Promoter RTUA unique adhesion promoter that guarantees adhesion to a wide variety of substrates ranging from all plastics (TPO, TPE, TEO) to treated metal surfaces including aluminum, metal, glass, fiberglass, and SMC. This product dries in minutes and greatly reduces the overall refinishing time for any job. Additionally, this product can be blended with nonmetallic urethane basecoats and applied directly to plastic surfaces in a 2:1 ratio.

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Archemya Urethane Reducer – Slow (1 GAL), Archemya Urethane Reducer – Medium (1 GAL), Archemya Urethane Reducer – Fast (1 GAL), Archemya Wax and Grease Remover (1 GAL), Archemya EZ Flow Adhesion Promoter RTU (1 QT), Archemya EZ Flow Adhesion Promoter RTU – Aerosol (16 OZ)


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