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AES Industries specializes in automotive and industrial tools, equipment, and supplies. They offer a range of products such as paint spray guns, air compressors, sanders, paint brushes, cutting discs, and various other tools commonly used in automotive repair and industrial applications.


AES Tools and Equipment

AES Tools and Equipment offers a comprehensive range of high-quality tools designed to meet the needs of professionals and DIY enthusiasts across various industries. Whether you’re working on automotive repairs, industrial maintenance, or home improvement projects, AES provides the reliable tools and equipment you need to get the job done right.

AES Industries’ Spray Guns are designed to provide efficient and controlled application of paints, coatings, and other liquid materials. These spray guns can come in different types and configurations, such as:

  • Automotive Touch-Up Spray Guns: These smaller spray guns are used for precision work, such as touching up paint on vehicles. They allow for accurate application of paint in small areas.
  • HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) Spray Guns: These types of spray guns are designed to minimize overspray and achieve a higher transfer efficiency. They use a lower pressure to atomize the paint or coating, resulting in less waste and a more even application.
  • Airless Spray Guns: These spray guns do not rely on air to atomize the material. Instead, they use high pressure to force the paint or coating through a small nozzle, resulting in a fine mist that provides good coverage.

AES Industries Gun Holders – are designed to store and organize spray guns, pneumatic tools, or other equipment commonly used in automotive and industrial settings. These holders can help keep workspaces neat and efficient by providing a designated place to store tools when they are not in use. They vary in design and capacity, accommodating different types and sizes of spray guns or tools. Some features you can find in AES Industries’ gun holders include:

  1. Wall Mounting: Many gun holders are designed to be mounted on walls or workbenches, saving space and providing easy access to tools.
  2. Multiple Slots: The holders might have multiple slots to accommodate various tools, allowing you to keep your workspace organized and tools readily accessible.
  3. Durable Materials: The gun holders are typically made from durable materials like metal or heavy-duty plastic to ensure they can withstand the weight of the tools and daily use.
  4. Hanging Hooks: Some holders might also include hooks or hangers for additional tools or accessories, such as hoses, nozzles, or safety gear.
  5. Adjustable Design: Depending on the model, the holders might have an adjustable design to fit different sizes of spray guns or tools.
  6. Protective Features: Some holders might have padding or protective elements to prevent scratches or damage to the tools being stored.
  7. Easy Installation: Most holders are designed to be easy to install, often coming with the necessary mounting hardware.

AES Industries’ Paint Brushes – come in various types, sizes, and bristle materials to accommodate different painting needs.

AES Industries Cups – serve different purposes, such as holding liquids, paints, coatings, or other materials.


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AES: Triple Gun Holder, AES: Magnetic 1-Gun Holder, AES: Magnetic 2 Gun Holder, AES: Wall Mount Gun Holder, AES: 1.0 Pressure Pot Gun, AES: 627 Undercoating Gun – 3/8″ Spray Nozzle, AES: 620 Undercoating Gun – 1/4″ Spray Nozzle, AES: Undercoating Cup For AES-620/627 (32 OZ), AES: Undercoating Cup Cap (Metal) For AES-620/627, AES: Undercoating Cup Cap (Plastic) For AES 620/627, AES: Siphon Feed Spray Gun And Paint Cup – 2.0MM, AES: Rivet Gun W/40 Rivets, AES: 5 PC Blow Gun Kit, AES: Blow Gun With 11″ Nozzle, AES: Strainer Insert For Paint Gun (3 Pack), AES: 12 Piece Gun Cleaning Kit, AES: 507 Gravity Feed HVLP Spray Gun 2.0 MM, AES: 7″ Vertical Pneumatic Polisher, AES: 1/4″ Brass Regulator, AES: Bonnet Cleaning Tool, 4 Way Air Splitter With Regulator 3/8″ – 125 PSI, AES: Air Regulator, AES: Magnetic Paint Can Opener, AES: Universal Coupler/Male, AES: Male Connector, AES: Female Connector, AES: Universal Coupler / Female, AES: 1 1/2 Inch Chip Brush, AES: 2" Paint Brush, AES: 4" Paint Brush, AES: 1” Chip Paint Brush, AES: 1/2" Paint Brush, AES: Acid Brushes – 3/8″ (144 CT) (Priced By Each Brush), AES: Acid Brushes – 1/2" (144 CT) (Sold by Each Brush), AES: 5 Metal Pump (5 GAL), AES: Stand For Paint Shaker For AES-9000, AES: 5″ Phenolic Backing Plate, AES: 1/16 Cutoff Wheel, AES: Air/Water Separator, AES: Aluminum Cup (1 Liter)


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