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3M Tapes are commonly used in the automotive industry for various applications such as painting, bonding, sealing, and attaching emblems.

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3M Tape

3M Fine Line Tape: 3M Fine Line Tape is a masking tape designed for precise and clean automotive paint masking. It is commonly used for creating sharp, clean lines during painting or detailing tasks.

3M Double-Sided Automotive Attachment Tape: 3M Double-Sided Attachment Tape is a strong adhesive tape designed to bond automotive trims, emblems, and moldings. It provides a reliable and durable bond between surfaces.

3M Seam Sealer Tape:  3M Seam Sealer Tape is designed for sealing seams and joints in automotive applications. It helps prevent water, dust, and other contaminants from entering vehicle interiors and protects against corrosion.

3M Press On Emblem Tape: M Press On Emblem Tape is a double-sided adhesive tape designed to attach emblems, badges, and decals to automotive surfaces. It offers a secure bond without the need for additional tools or adhesives.

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3M: 1/8″ X 36YD Fine Line Tape (Blue), 3M: 1/4″ X 36YD Fine Line Tape (Blue), 3M: 1/2″ X 36YD Fine Line Tape (Blue), 3M: 1/2″ Double Sided Automotive Attachment Tape (20 YD Roll), 3M: 1/4″ Double Sided Automotive Attachment Tape (20 YD Roll), 3M: Seam Sealer Tape (3/8″), 3M: Press On Emblem Tape


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