3M Accuspray Atomizing Head (1.3MM)


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The 3M Accuspray Atomizing Head is a component used in 3M’s Accuspray spray gun system. This system is designed for applying coatings, paints, and finishes in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, woodworking, and more. The atomizing head is a critical part of the spray gun responsible for breaking down the coating material into fine particles for an even and controlled application.

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3M Accuspray Atomizing Head (1.3MM)

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Atomizing Head Size (1.3mm): The 1.3mm size refers to the diameter of the atomizing head’s orifice. This size is important because it determines the size of the spray pattern and the viscosity of the coatings it can effectively atomize. In general, a 1.3mm atomizing head is suitable for applying medium to high-viscosity coatings.
  • Accuspray System: The Accuspray system by 3M is known for its versatility and efficiency. It features replaceable atomizing heads and various size options to accommodate different coating materials and application requirements.
  • Replaceable Design: One of the advantages of the Accuspray system is its replaceable atomizing heads. This allows users to change the atomizing head easily when switching between different coatings or when the current head becomes worn or damaged, reducing downtime and providing cost savings.
  • Versatile Applications: The Accuspray system is suitable for a wide range of coatings, including primers, basecoats, clearcoats, adhesives, and sealers. The 1.3mm atomizing head size is often used for applications where a medium to high flow rate is required.
  • Consistent Performance: The design of the Accuspray system aims to provide consistent atomization and minimize overspray, resulting in better transfer efficiency and a more uniform finish.


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