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Transform ordinary objects into extraordinary pieces with our Professional WTP Spray Gun Kits. Perfect for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals alike, this comprehensive kit contains everything you need to achieve stunning hydrographic prints with ease.

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WTP Spray Gun Kits

WTP: Clear Series HVLP 1.3 Spray Gun Kit:

Model: Luxury 1000 Box
Nozzles: 1.3
Pattern: 300/310mm
Recommended Pressure: 1.8 bar / 2 bar
Weight: (Gun only): 452 g
Cup: 600 ml

WTP: Mini Pro Series HVLP 1.2 Spray Gun Kit:

Model: Mini Pro
Nozzles: 1.2
Pattern: 250mm
Recommended Pressure: 1.8 bar
Weight: (Gun only): 322g
Cup: 100 ml

The WTP Mini Pro Series HVLP 1.2 Spray Gun is a small pistol to apply paint and varnish / clear touch-ups. The peak 1.2 with HVLP technology allows you to work precisely and accurately without leaving large traces. Its plastic cup is only 150ml and very easy to clean. The body weighs only 550 grams.

WTP Spray Gun Kits Features:

  • High-Quality Spray Gun: Our kit includes a premium-grade spray gun designed specifically for water transfer printing applications. With adjustable settings and a comfortable grip, it ensures precise control and smooth operation.
  • Versatile Activator Solution: The kit comes with a specially formulated activator solution that guarantees optimal adhesion and vibrant color transfer. It’s compatible with a wide range of water transfer films, allowing you to create custom designs effortlessly.
  • Durable Water Transfer Films: We provide a selection of high-quality water transfer films featuring various patterns, textures, and finishes. Whether you’re dipping automotive parts, electronics, or home decor items, our films deliver exceptional results every time.






































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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WTP: Clear Series HVLP 1.3 Spray Gun Kit, WTP: Mini Pro Series HVLP 1.2 Spray Gun Kit


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