Walcom Fan Blower


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This thermodry fan blower is equipped with an air regulator. This product is progressive in design, especially the idea and execution of air drying gear. This handheld blower is fabricated from a dark metal body that is over-infused and fixed with Hi-Vis heatproof film. Assuming you need a wide, delicate, and truly controllable fan.

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Walcom Fan Blower 

Body: Metal and Nylon composite development
Blow distance: 40-50cm from surface first stage/10-30cm in final drying
Blowing time: Follow guidelines given by the paint manufacturer
Air guideline: Equipped with air inlet air flow regulator
Nozzle: Nylon and rubber radial
Weight: 300g
Working pressure: 0.5 – 3.0 bar
Air consumption: 265 l/min @ 3 bar



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